Sinn Féin raise doubts about holding Ard Fheis on policing

A short RTÉ report states “Sinn Féin has raised doubts tonight that the party’s special Ard Fheis on policing will go ahead because of what it says is the lack of a positive response from the DUP.” Adds That would be this response.. presumably.. And It seemed a strange condition at the time.. More Other issues to consider in the mix Update Interestingly the BBC report refers to “a series of discussions on policing with Tony Blair over recent days.”.. and on the comments from a senior government source, perhaps? Another report to noteFrom the last report noted above

DUP Policing Board member Ian Paisley Jr said Sinn Féin’s latest statement had an air of panic about it.

“Our party leader’s comment in recent days couldn’t have been any clearer,” the North Antrim Assembly member said.

“I think you can smell the panic in Sinn Fein from this latest statement. They know what republicans have to do.”