How times have changed

The coverage of the 1976 continues to make informative and in some cases fascinating reading. The Indo relates that in 1976, Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave had to alter plans to bring a gift worth £5,000 for the US government during a St Patricks Day visit to Washington. Instead the government went bargain hunting and spent only £160 in an effort to save money for the airfare. £5,000 was a sizeable sum of money in those days, so I’m quite pleased they went for the frugal option. The US govt. were paying for the rest of the trip, but the Irish had to pay the fares. Where were the budget airlines when you needed them?

  • I would have thought that Operation Clockwork Orange would have topped everyone’s interest, but I have seen no mention of it.

    This was the 1976 operation that right-wingers in government, especially MP Airey Neave and disinformation officer Colin Wallace, were involved in to make out that leading politicians, especially Labour’s Harold Wilson and Denis Healey, were Soviet spies, an outgrowth of the campaign to blacken Provisionals.

    It ultimately led to Wilson’s surprise resignation, and the securocrats blaming it conveniently upon the Soviets’ leading spy in MI5, Peter Wright apparently aka HUNT.

  • Jill

    Where were the budget airlines when you needed them?

    In Texas providing the model that all successful bugdet airline shave followed since.

  • mcgrath

    Which budget airlines operate between Ireland (or UK) and the USA?

    Interesting thought, that successive Taoiseachs could pocket the likes of $5000 without blinking an eye.

  • Cahal

    “Which budget airlines operate between Ireland (or UK) and the USA”

    Aerlingus transatlantic could reasonably be considered ‘no frills’. Unfortunately the level of service is not reflected in the price though.

  • D’Oracle


    where does it say Cosgrave pocketed anything -look again ; hate to spoil a gag but he was no Haughey