Movement on Garvaghey Road imminent

According to today’s Irish News there could be movement (subs needed) in train shortly on the Garvaghey Road/Drumcree stand off (now ten years old):

A spokesman from the Portadown district lodge told The Irish News the order was willing to meet the residents’ group under an independent chair as part of a mediation process. The development marks a major U-turn in the Orange Order’s central policy of refusing to talk to residents’ groups. “Portadown district has always been willing to find a solution to the Garvaghy Road problem,” the spokesman said. “We have intimated by letter to the Parades Commission that we are willing to enter a mediation process with an independent chairman. No meetings have taken place but we are awaiting developments.”

Garvaghy Road Residents’ spokesman Breandan Mac Cionnaith says the residents have not heard directly from the Orange as yet.