PSNI targeting dissident criminal activity…

There were nine people arrested in Limavady and Coleraine in an operation aimed at clamping down on criminal activity amongst dissident Republicans in the north west.


  • parcifal

    I’ve always thought that low level crime like smuggling is part of the poor’s need to survive in a capitalist world.
    After all blue collar import/export dodginess ( see recent reports on mobile phone crime )gets away with VAT, and so is just a posh version of smuggling.
    But the real trouble I have with bumping into criminals in say a pub, is that they are endless bores, and invariably have bad breath; this I find more offensive than the contraband they are trying to sell me 😉

  • Mickhall

    And they say the days of political policing are over, whilst not defending criminality by republicans or anyone else, but for these arrests to happen at the present time speaks volumes. By the way the article says the operation was intelligence led, wonder what section of the British security services was involved.

    Am off to dig out my hard hat.

  • Rory

    SDLP MLA John Dallat said “……Anything that can be done to control these killer cigarettes by taking them off the street is a good thing.”

    I can’t help it, I just keep chuckling to myself as I am constantly reminded of Woody Allen’s sci=fi spoof The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Dallat takes anti-smoking hysteria to a level that even the health fascists of Islington would find difficult to reach. Such zealotry must not go unnoticed. An award surely awaits him.

  • Secur O’Crat

    Fair play to the old Bill for clamping down on these criminals. If the cigarettes are, as claimed, counterfeit, they are probably more dangerous still. The less cigarettes in circulation, the better for us all. Disgusting habit. The dissidents should get regular jobs. Seems all the MLA posts are gone though. Still, the peelers are recruiting so maybe they can apply there.

  • kadenza

    “but for these arrests to happen at the present time speaks volumes” – in what sense Mick?

  • Rhodey

    UP THE Republican Army

  • ciaran damery

    PSNI is merelt a cosmetically revamped SS/RUC. They hate republicans, they colluded in the deaths of republicans and other Irish people. Those Unionist militia hillbillies ought to be met with force. Time is not on our side. Whilst SF cosys up with SS/RUC it will be incumbent on Real republicans to engage the fascists.

  • Dessertspoon

    “SS” ???? I thought it was the IRA that colluded with them when that nice tolerant chap Hitler was running Germany. Honestly Ciaran I can’t understand why you are allowed to use your computer unsupervised??

  • Rhodey

    Ciaran is good to see that you are true republican, SF is a joke