Great tool for following the Assembly…

They Work For You now works for the Assembly. Excellent work Matthew!!! Just in time for today’s debate on the controversial Equality provisions this morning at 10.30. It should appear here live.

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  • Good job Matthew added the script to automatically update every day, at 1am before he went on holiday!

    Mick – please do let us know if you notice anything wrong, or not updating or the like, with the NI part of TheyWorkForYou.

    Also, would be good if you could sign up to some email alerts for subjects which might come up in it.

  • Nevin

    Francis, the link to Lord Trimble isn’t opening for me yet the one, say, to Lord Morrow is. Both are MLAs as well as members of the Lords.

  • parcifal

    There’s no live coverage, anyone know why?

  • I’m making inquiries…

  • Nevin

    Mick, this link directs you to the live coverage

  • Nevin

    It seems that the chamber today is a ‘cold house’ for MLAs!!!

  • parcifal

    perhaps alot of the MLA’s are busy checking and tidying up their email boxes in the light of the sunday tribune report !

  • Nevin

    Parcifal, it seems that in today’s debate the DUP has God, the Pope and other clerics on its side!!

  • Nevin

    The vote will take place at 12:30.

  • Nevin

    Ayes 39

    Noes 39

    Motion negatived

  • parcifal

    The immortal Bob Dylan once penned a song called “With God on our side”–
    a parody and satire, on the hypocracy of using the phrase in relation to wars won and lost; it’s no more acutely accurate 30 years later than in today’s world of “retro-theological justification”

    Here’s two lines that always make me smile:

    “And you never ask questions
    When God’s on your side”

    Just in
    78 votes,
    39 each
    motion denied
    fantasic 🙂

  • Many hanks for alerting us to the link – saw full coverage from 10.30am.

  • Mick Fealty

    I tried three browsers and couldn’t see it in any of them…

  • parcifal

    Nevin’s link worked for me immediately, took me to a page where I then clicked on
    “view live assembly debates”

    sadly missed the first hour.

    They are back now debating, it should work Mick in any browser.
    Are your settings in Real player and Windows player doing mischief? Maybe restore defaults

  • Comrade Stalin

    Nice bit of Python.

    It’s a damn pity the government do not provide the Hansard in raw XML form, for further processing or formatting into various formats.

  • Glad you like it. 🙂 Sorry last week’s debates didn’t appear until this week – my parser wasn’t totally foolproof, so had to wait for me to get back. But the debates are now there, and Lord Trimble’s page has been fixed, sorry about that.