“If Sinn Féin is having difficulties in getting their people to support the police..”

Interesting comments reported in the Irish Times from Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern[subs req], and from the DUP leader, Ian Paisley, whose constituency Dermot Ahern was visiting yesterday..From Dan Keenan’s report in the Irish Times

Mr Ahern said the governments were continuing “intensive discussions with the parties” to unravel the difficulties which emerged earlier this week and that led to the postponement of the first official meeting between Dr Paisley and Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams at Stormont on Tuesday.

In Ballymena, Mr Ahern referred to the republican position on policing and the requirement for acceptance of the PSNI to enable the restoration of the Stormont institutions. People want to move on in relation to policing,” he said.

They accept that huge reform has taken place as a result of Patten. It’s one of the most reformed police services in the western world.[added emphasis]

“The time is now for moving on, and hopefully over the next few weeks decisions will be made by Sinn Féin which will lead to devolved government.” He said the two governments’ timetable leading to devolution by March 26th can and will be met, “if there’s a willingness”.

Of course there is the not insignificant matter of a much earlier deadline that must be met first – if the British Government are to change the current legislation setting out the 24th November deadline.

As the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, has stated..

On support for policing I want to spell out to the House what that means, by quoting from paragraph 6 of the St Andrews agreement.

It means fully endorsing the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

It means actively encouraging everyone in the community to co-operate fully with the PSNI in tackling crime in all areas.

It means playing a full and active role in all the policing and justice institutions, including the Policing Board.[added emphasis]

And as Peter Hain also told the House of Commons

We have asked the parties to consult on the St Andrews Agreement and to respond by 10 November, to allow time for final drafting of the Bill to take through the House.

Once this happens, and on the basis that the St Andrews Agreement is endorsed, the Assembly will meet to nominate the First and Deputy First Minister on November 24, the deadline for a deal. [added emphasis]

And that date, or rather the 10th November – when the governments have stated they require all parties to endorse the St Andrews Agreement – is likely to be behind Ian Paisley’s reference in the Irish Times report

Dr Paisley said his party would not finalise its position on the St Andrews Agreement “until we [ have] carried out our pledge to consult widely with the party and the community. This consultation has now begun.”

He added that important aspects of the St Andrews Agreement, such as the institutions and structures of evolved government, a financial package “and equality and fairness measures for the unionist people, require more effort”. The importance of policing should not be underestimated, he added.

If Sinn Féin is having difficulties in getting their people to support the police, then they should go to the government and ask for more time, because there is no question of the DUP accepting anything less than their full support for the rule of law.“[added emphasis]

as I mentioned before.. 10th November.. tick tock

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  • ingrammartin


    Nice tongue in cheek piece.


  • Window dressing for a soft landing

  • Just Get On With It Lads.

  • Mark

    Funny how two papers cover the same visit. (and bloggers too)

    The IN reported the visit to Paisley’s constituency based on Ahern’s call to end sectarianism (subs req)

    Ahern: root out sectarianism

    THE cancer of sectarianism should be rooted out of society, the Republic’s minister for foreign affairs said yesterday as he visited the Co Antrim town of Ballymena where Michael McIlveen (15) was murdered………….

    “I think I speak for most people across this island that these young people are looking for leadership on all sides of the equation to come together and sort this one out finally,” he said.

    “Unfortunately we’ve seen to a certain extent the rise of sectarianism and as we saw here in this community the tragedy and murder of Michael McIlveen……………….

    During his one-day visit Mr Ahern also met residents’ groups – but he did not meet Mr Paisley.

    (edited version to prevent copyright problems for Mick)

  • ciaran damery

    The problem is simple and requires much more than some nice words by Sinn Féin’s leadership. The RUC (hitherto known as psni; SS; Unionist Death Squads, etc) are absolutely unacceptable in any shape or branch (no pun intended). It is incumbent on the Brits and Ireland to create a nationally, anti-sectarian/orange service that commands the respect of all the country…and not just a few neo-nazi Paisleyites.

  • john
  • Pete Baker
  • parcifal

    thanks a sickening story of police incompetence, and makes you wonder why they are covering the asses of the bastards that killed that bloke.

  • Yokel

    Can someone translate Ciaran Damery’s post for me?

    Thank you kindly

  • Pete Baker


    To translate

    “Not on my watch!”

    I think.. *shaking fists optional* ;o)

    Thankfully, no-one pays much attention to Ciaran..

  • headmelter

    It’s saturday night he might have had a few as there does appear to be a bit of confusion in Ciarans last post Yokel.

  • parcifal

    you could always get stuck in yourselves, and make it the police service you want.
    Heard of “empower yoursleves”
    “Change comes from within” is true, but is not to be used as an excuse by the bar-man when he pockets your fiver, take a mo to condiser that 😉
    Clause 4 moment coming up for Gerry Adams.

  • POL

    Nice post John

    Now add to that the murders of Raymond McCord,Gavin Brett,Danny McColgan,Thomas Devlin etc etc etc.The cover up continues.But i suppose in Sammy`s book these investigations should be dropped completely lest the families be accused of being quare fellows and PRO-IRA supporters.