IMC and the falling rate of political criminality

Given Pete’s thoroughgoing analysis, and the criticism the DUP has made of the IMC’s surprising inability to say who or from which quarter Denis Donaldson’s killer came, it’s worth remembering that although both the DUP and Sinn Fein have taken whatever political advantage the international body has handed them, neither of the significant players in Northern Ireland have ever recognised its role. It certainly seems to have incentivised otherwise unaccountable paramilitaries to wind down criminal activity, even if its own sources are just as unaccountable.


  • suil eile

    It wouldn’t be because British Security had something to do with it, surely?
    Don’t forget how that reporter found Donaldson in Donegal, and ask if there was someone with him. Also ask who had the most to loose on his death?

  • heck

    could someone confirm the charter of the IMC. I believe it is forbidden by law from examining the role of the British government.

    If some of the members were suspicious of state involvement in the killing of DD would they be allowed to say so?

    I think this body is not as independent as it name implies.

  • m

    The murder mentioned in this report highlights some of the difficulties the HET face. Especially as they are now using a book to find information on cases.

    In this case the current SDLP Mayor of Belfast and former officials/workers party member in south Belfast could surely shed some light on Mr Devine’s killers.

    Will Pat McCarthy now come forward with details on what happened and clarify his own involvement?

  • The clearest message that comes out of the IMC report for me is the fact that from now on anyone engaged in criminality does so as a plain and simple criminal, rather than from behind the cloak of political paramiliatary status.

    In the interests of continued winding down of paramilitary criminality, surely those who previously were engaged in this must not be hounded for previous asset acumilation, otherwise they coulkd be forced back into crime to meet any demands made.