“we could end up with an absolutely fantastic society..”

On Monday regular Slugger commenter, loftholdingswood, predicted “further announcements later in the week from the mainstream” [the ‘good’ UDA? -Ed] in response to the South East Antrim UDA’s Beyond Conflict document.. and today, as reported by the BBC, Frankie Gallagher of the ‘good’ UPRG announced that – A pamphlet outlining ways of transforming loyalist areas is set to be published. Added link belowHere’s the reported comment from Mr Gallagher

“If we applied the same type of resource and the same type of structures to help loyalism move on – that republicanism successfully dealt with – I think we could end up with an absolutely fantastic society where there would be no paramilitarism.

Time to get that chequebook out, Mr Hain.. yet again..

Adds The BBC report also states

It follows a consultation within working class Protestant areas and includes the views of UDA members.

Added link to a previously asked, and still relevant, question – “the basis of a civilised society?