Suffer the Children

“In all classes at Edenbrooke there are children who have witnessed violence, children who have been involved in riots, children who have fathers involved in paramilitary organisations, children from broken homes, children who are on the run from other districts, children who have witnessed domestic violence, children who have lost relatives through the Troubles, children who have been rehoused after being thrown out as a result of the feud and children with autistic spectrum disorders. Some pupils are toilet trained just weeks before starting school, others regularly fall asleep in class and pupils as young as P4 have become drug users.
“The P1s during the year of the feud are now in P6. The things that those kids saw are awful. Three hundred people were put out of their homes and I had mummies coming into me in tears.” From the first of a two part series looking at the impact of the 2000 loyalist feud on children.
Update: The BBC has also picked up on this: Feud Children ‘Speak of Suicide’