Not ‘good’ enough?

If the PA report is confirmed it could prove to be a headache for The Processors™. The UDA in South East Antrim are reported to be separating themselves from the rest of that particular organisation and have produced a document outlining their plans to create their own version of the UPRG, called Beyond Conflict[Added link]. Yesterday’s Sunday Life carried criticism from an unnamed “top loyalist source” – from the ‘good’ UDA natch. But having embraced the concept of a division between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ UDA, with accompanying funds, the British and Irish Governments might have difficulty dealing with this latest development. Update There is a, not unexpected, catch.. Added link.From the PA report

The body, involving an 18-strong executive committee drawn from across the region, is to reveal nine implementation plans on a range of issues.

These include strategies on drugs, housing, prisons, race relations and culture, murals, paramilitary activity, and attempts to ease tensions at interface districts.

Let the sunshine win…

Update Sunshine costs..