NUJ unhappy at lack of progress in O’Hagan killing

The Press GAzette reports frustration within the National Union of Journalists over the length of time it has taken to charge anyone with the only journalist targeted and killed by paramilitaries in the Troubles.


  • Yokel

    and rightly so..assuming the stories coming out of the Sunday World have some truth about them.

  • gerry

    Sunday World.. true stories.

    Not often you see both of those in one sentence

  • Daisy

    Is O’Hagan’s murder somehow entitled to a greater degree of invesigation than all the other unsolveds because he was a journalist?

  • andy

    Maybe so, actually. Obviously the pain to the family would be the same, but one could say that the existence of a free and unintimidated press is vital to society – so the murder of a journalist is therefore more detrimental to society than the murder of your average civilian.

    Hope that doesn’t sound too callous, its not my intention.

  • andy

    what stories are these – about O’Hagan’s past? or about the present of the murder gang?


  • I heard this mentioned on the radio this morning and note with interest how it develops.

  • Sorry can’t add the correct link for a Google news search for Martin O’Hagan and couldn’t be arsed going to tiny url.

    It’s time for a coffee anyway…