Dodds: the best way is education together…

From Gary Kent in Manchester:

The four main parties and the Secretary of State set out their stalls in the run up to the deadline of 24th november. The local representatives rehearsed their lines and none of them blinked. However, the DUPs Nigel Dodds surprised many with his response to a question on integrated education.

He said that “the best way is for people to be educated together” and argued that “if we were starting again with a blank sheet of paper….the state would fund the education of kids and anyone else wanting to educate their kids separately (should) pay for it.” Not far from the argument recently put forward by the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee.

  • Puzzled Jackeen

    “I don’t see the Irish Republic as being run by RC bishops, as eroding human rights, as stifling debate and as stagnating as a nation.”

    The Ireland of today is very different from the Ireland of even twenty years ago – twenty years ago, it was a criminal offence for two men to engage in consensual sexual activity. Today that has changed, but it wasn’t the bishops who brought the change about.

  • Puzzled Jackeen

    “All nine new primary schools recognised by the Department of Education in 2006 are multi-denominational.

    That’s a 100% rate of integrated schooling.”

    Those two comments don’t neccessarily mean the same thing – “integrated schooling” and “multi-denominational” can be interpreted in differing ways.

  • willis

    Looks like someone in the party disagrees

    Mrs Robinson says she doesn’t believe that educating Protestants and Catholics alongside each other is the way forward.
    “Far from transcending sectarianism with some stupendous alternative for the provision of education in Northern Ireland, the integrated lobby is an integral part of that sectarian system and feeds off it – without it, it would starve and die,” Mrs Robinson said.