SDLP man still on the front line in Derry

El Mat reports on Pat Ramsey’s experience of serial attacks on his home and his offices in the Bogside. It’s a reminder of a time when the targeting of SDLP members by Republicans was much more routine than it is now. If ‘the war is over’, there is still a legacy of political intolerance within Nationalism that still resorts to physical means to achieve its ends.


  • slug

    Maybe it is time we bring the political representatives of the people attacking Pat Ramsey into the process?

  • If ‘the war is over’, there is still a legacy of political intolerance within Nationalism that still resorts to physical means to achieve its ends

    The problem Mick is that these people do not view the war as over.

    This is not the work of mainstream Republicans, this is the work of dissidents.

  • Chris

    when did mainstream republicans stop attacking Pat Ramsey and other members of his party?

  • Please show me some evidence of how mainstream Republicans are behind these attacks?

  • Chris

    I’ve no idea what species of republican is responsible for these latest attacks, I’m just interested in when your mainstream friends stopped viewing the Stoops as targets.

  • Willie.John

    Sinn Fein have condemned this attack, and they sounded pretty genuine about it. Seems to mark a bit of a shift in the previous position around these attacks on Ramsey IIRC? Are they yet another step closer to signing up to the cops (Ramsey is targetted for being on the Policing Board, not just because he’s a stoop)??

  • Mick Fealty

    I think it is clear what Chris means PM. Though the legacy strategy is also clear.

    Someone in Derry, who is not mainstream, is still following a discernable paramilitary strategy that had its origins in mainstream Republicanism.

  • slug

    Four years ago I remember that SF’s Mitchell McLaughlin in a BBC interview with John Humphries repeatedly refusing to condemn a car bomb attack on a Catholic PSNI officer in Ballymena in 2002. (The officer fortunately did not die). That was 4 years ago. Today I think they would condemn such things (correct me if I am wrong).

  • pacifist

    That link above doesn’t seem to work because the word ‘scmu’ (rearrange letters) has been replaced with ####

  • JD

    Almost everyone in the Bogside including Pat Ramsey and the PSNI know who are behind these attacks, it is not republicans of any shade but local young people who harning their community on a regular basis. If they are not burning vehicles at the Flyover, they are attacking the Fountain and sometimes in an effort to draw the PSNI into the area for a bit of recreational rioting, they attack Pat Ramseys’ house.It is a disgrace and could be easily stopped if the parents of these children were forced to face the consequences of their actions.

  • JD

    and the consequences would be what?

  • JD

    Fines I think would be the most effective.

  • A petrol bomb is a potentially lethal weapon. I think a court would have to think seriously about jail.

  • JD

    It is time for new thinking in relation to dealing with these young local thugs who are terrorising their communities. I know personally some of these individuals and their families and the parents do not care.A system needs to be created that makes them care. Therefore some type of collective penalty would be more effective than the unlikely scenario of a spell in jail.

  • Why would it be unlikely?

    If I threw a petrol bomb at one of my local councillors’ (IJPs’ say) homes it wouldn’t be a question of if but how long. By all means make them care (?) as well but potentially lethal attacks must be marked as being well outside acceptable behaviour.

  • heres hoping

    JD is spot on the dogs in the street knows who is behind these attacks. Its the so called Real IRA who if they are not wrecking Raytheon then they are putting children up to sectarian attack on the fountain or putting hoax bombs at Pat Ramseys house.

  • JD

    The reason it is unlikely, is that the PSNI know who is doing this and despite the fact that Ramsey is an elected councillor and a member of the DPP, they have made no attempt to arrest these people. Local people are drawing their own conclusions from that.

  • If that’s the case perhaps Ms O’Loans’ office needs a call.

  • The link above to my article won’t work on account of it having the word ‘scúm’ in it, so it can be accessed here instead.

    BTW, I see that a young girl with mobility problems had her transport vehicle attacked around the same time. Sick.

  • Yer Woman

    The PSNI in Derry have a “revolving door” policy towards dealing with the local hoods i.e. arrest them, and then release them again after they’ve divulged information on someone locally for whatever reason.

    Their Parents do not give a flying feck and neither do the PSNI. It’s a really disheartening situation, particularly in the run up to the Halloween festivities as then it really will be a free-for-all for local hoods and degenerates.

    I feel safer walking through Belfast city center at night than Derry city center

  • JD

    I disagree with Pat Ramseys political views as I do yours El Mat but that does not excuse the disgraceful attacks on Pat Ramsey’s home. However you obviously unaware that the attack on the yound girl car was over 5 miles away from the incident at the Ramsey house in a totally different part of the city and was unrelated.

  • JD-

    I am perfectly aware of that fact. My point relates to the omnipotent problem of anti-social behaviour in certain areas of the city in general, usually manifesting itself in attacks on private property and often on the most vulnerable members of society. Of course, we can add to these two incidents the problems yesterday around Irish Street. No one said they were related.