You Are Talking Weeks Rather Than Months

In today’s Belfast Telegraph, Brian Rowan asks, “How quickly then will the Sinn Fein leadership call that special Ard Fheis – or party conference – to open the door for republicans into the world of policing?”

“You are talking weeks rather than months is probably the best way to put it,” Gerry Kelly answered. Republicans move closer to playing a role in policing

And what would republican participation in policing mean?, queries Rowan.

“I think once you go to that point, you’re in the full package,” Kelly said. “I want Sinn Fein to be involved in the justice process and be involved in any Ministry of Justice . . . you wouldn’t be able to go to an Ard Fheis and say, ‘Well, we think somebody should be a justice minister, but not (be) on the (Policing) Board’…. I think if you are convinced, and remember we are “futuring” here, if you make a decision and you believe that it is the right political decision to make, then you have to stand over it. There’s no point going in half measures and I won’t go at it in half measures.” He emphasised that policing had to be got right, adding: “I think we are close to it.”

Sinn Fein could back police: Kelly