Sinn Fein: IMC is irrelevant…

It seems that Sinn Fein isn’t having any of it. The Andersonstown News reports Niall Ó Donnghaile, the party’s unelected representative for East Belfast (the third in as many years), was speaking about Sinn Fein’s demands that Mountpottinger Police station be closed and used for social housing instead. He dismissed their previous report declaring that the IMC’s views on the security force disengagement issue “are equally irrelevant as their views on any other issue”.


  • Hidden Gem

    Mick, I would like to suggest that this is yet more “arrogance” on the part of the Shinners but I think the post might be withdrawn because of rancor and animos.

    Given that the Duppers will pay close attention to what the report contains and that, consequently, this will have a knock on affect with regards to how they proceed with the Preparation for Government Committee, I think it is disingenuous, short-sighted and, at best, wishful thinking, on the part of the Shinners to claim it is “irrelevant”.

  • T.Ruth

    I read with interest the SF man’s views about Mount Pottinger Barracks as I knew it as a child.It stood in the middle of an area that was mixed-if anything some of the surrounding streets were more Protestant than Catholic.(Madrid Street;Harper Street;Edgar Street e.g.)There was a Salvation Army Citadel just opposite on the corner of Carlton street and one hundred yards up the road was the Picture Drome, with the Belfast Corporation Tram depot in the back.The area at the Albert bridge had lots of shops as had lower Albert Bridge Road.I lived in Thistle Street and attended Beechfield Primary-my Catholic friends attended St.Matthews and I do not recall in my childhood any sectarian trouble.
    I was not conscious of any significant British presence -the “peelers” seemed to be quite indiscriminate in their attitude to both sides of the community.
    They chased people who played cards in back entries;disrupted pitch and toss schools; and seemed opposed to any one playing street football.Serious crime in those days would have been Orchard robbing.
    The people in my street seemed to me to be no better off economically on account of our Unionist British connection of which we were blissfully unaware than those who lived in Seaforde Street and it was well into the late sixties before “Civil rights/IRA agitation ” saw the Protestant community threatened/excluded from the Short Strand and Mountpottinger area.

    Mr.N.O’D’s people are the last people to talk about economic deprivation and social housing having spent forty years trying to destroy the economy. I wonder what are his plans to restore community relations in that part of East Belfast to the conditions we enjoyed in the forties and fifties.

  • tra g

    “before “Civil rights/IRA agitation “ saw the Protestant community threatened/excluded from the Short Strand and Mountpottinger area.”

    All Catholic families were burned out of Thisle Street, Suzan Street & Bryson Street by unionists.

    Now that was exclusion.

  • So “unionists” put catholics out, and “nationalists” put protestants out? Or was it protestants putting catholics out and catholics putting protestants out?

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell what point you’re making…

    There was altogether too much of it, either way!

  • David

    You can’t believe the IMC report for one reason. The IMC is a political body (Alliance Party…just like E. Bell). It will always say the PIRA is all good and Loyalism is all bad. Neither is true.
    I am certain Republican intentions are good but I do not believe the decommissioning thing because the IMC said it is true. They need to be honest about Republicans and Loyalism (there are many in Loyalism working to make things better……….constantly criminalised by the IMC……if someone is criminal then call them criminal not Loyalist (or Republican for that matter)).
    Also is Paisley going to go into government because Alderdice tells him to?

  • Chris Donnelly

    Niall Ó Donnghaile, the party’s unelected representative for East Belfast (the third in as many years)….

    Help me out: I thought Joe O’Donnell was an elected councillor for the area. Indeed, I think he was Deputy Mayor of Belfast for a while….

  • james

    Joe O’Donnell retired from the political scene but is still very active within community organisations.

    Not really surprising that Niall Ó Donnghaile is ‘unelected’, he hasn’t stood in any elections yet.