Campaign continues against one Ballymurphy family

A low level war continues to be conducted against one family in Ballymurphy. Though it has not claimed further human life, there have been over 600 attacks on properties belonging to the Notorantonio family since two of them were charged with the murder of Gerald Devlin. According to the Sunday World (not online), the house belonging to Charlotte Burns has been attacked more than a hundred times. The family insists that the IRA is not directly involved but, Victor Notorantonio claims, it is being conducted by “the ‘rugrats’ who now rule this area were created by the IRA to get rid of us”

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  • Dec

    Against one family Mick? Really?

  • fed up

    Dec, the article you cite was about an incident that occurred in March, involving people connected with the trouble in the area. Over 100 attacks on the Notorantonio family had already been launched by then, mainly the firebombing of their homes. It is now August and the homes of the Notorantonios are still being set alight on an almost daily basis. Enough is Enough.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Dec and Mick

    Today’s Daily Ireland contains a story of an incident involving the two – not one, Mick- sides involved in this dispute which yesterday led to the DHSS office on the Falls Road having to close.

    In yesterday’s incident, the Notarontonio’s were clearly the instigators, as they have been on numerous occasions throughout this long-running saga (including the actual killing that sparked the latest round of feuding.)

    Those in the media attempting to portray them as the victims normally reveal their agenda in the follow-up, when invariably the IRA and Sinn Fein are blamed for the whole thing.

    This would be laughable were it not so tragic. This feud has been going on for years now, and as far as I can see, no one involved on either side has come out looking well. Indeed, some of those involved in the feuding are to be found joyriding, stealing and beating up poor innocent people in their ‘free’ time.

    Obviously I’d condemn every attack taking place in this feud and feel sorry for those family members on both sides who have had their lives turned upside down by the cycles of violence- which even entered the local primary school before the end of term last June.

    But the people most deserving of sympathy are the unconnected residents of Ballymurphy- and other areas- who have to put up with the endless bouts of violence.

  • fed up

    Chris, at this point it does not matter who is to blame, it has been going on far too long, a man is dead, people put out of their homes, neighbours living in fear from fires spreading. The attacks — all of them — need to stop.

    Daily Ireland/Andersonstown News’ reports on this can be taken with a pinch of salt, in terms of accuracy anyway. They are biased to the point of absurdity.

    Enough is Enough.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Fed up
    I fully agree with your first sentiment, which is consistent with what I was saying above.

    The bit about the Daily Ireland is daft.

  • B em use d

    One gang of sub-human ferals attacking another gang of sub-human ferals – who gives a flying fuck? Let them at it.

  • nmc

    Unfortunately, as mentioned above, this does not simply affect two families. It affects the whole area, and should be stopped.

  • John Lynn

    Chris Donnelly clearly takes what DI puts out. And DI’s take on this matter has had houses attacking themselves and burning themselves. The first burning was by IRA people at the Bullring shop. SF members in the Murph challenged their local leadership on this matter – on the street and in full public view. The whole thing then got out of control despite attempts by SF to stop it. The bulk of the violence and burning is carried out by thugs against the N family. But the N family have been up to their necks in anti-social behaviour. And they have also been unfairly accusing CRJ. But if the thing is to be stopped for good then there has to be some acknowledgement of the role of local IRA people in starting it if not keeping it going. They also lied to the leadership about it, denying their involvement which angered some of their local membership also. People in the Murph have no sympathy for those destroying their estate or the N family. But how it is still going on is amazing. If it was the Malone Road it would have been stopped on day one.

  • m mc g

    its terrible that the devlin children have lost there father but must the fued go on? There r local kids destorying our community, why? the notarantonio family have went and r still going through enough. so people controll your children and leave this family in peace they are good people and they should be able to live in there homes. Our community needs peace. STOP all this evil. there are innocent people getting hurt.

  • nearly a year has came around how long will this conyinue it is not resolving a damn thing its maddness or is it appropiate for those behind all this to keep the fires burning u no who u r u r to blame the two families are just pawns in this sick game