Whats your favourite view

The Belfast Telegraph ran a story yesterday about Jacob’s Creek wine company’s competition for the 50 Best Views in the World. I cant find any informtion on the Jacob’s Creek website, but I’ve written to them to see what its all about. In the meantime, I thought I’d put the question out there, and invite you to submit your best view or nomination if you dont have a photo. You can e-mail me photographs if you like, and I can post them on Flickr, if anyone gets interested. I might try for a better one, but the photo with this caption is my best view at the moment, and is Rostrevor, in the early morning.
UPDATE: This is getting really interesting, and some great e-mails, so I am going to open a FLickr group for it, and will post link. BTW, this is not for the Bel Tel, so no restrictions on shots!
This link will bring you to the Flickr site, so you can post your shot there. As mentioned, I’m going to talk to Jacobs Creek about it all this week, and see if they will look at our entries as a stand alone group!

  • That’s Carlingford Lough surely. I can’t see Rostrevor Square, or the CornerHouse Bar or anything in the picture 😉

    Do they have to be in Ulster, the Island of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or any where in the World.

    (opening hornets nest…)

  • Miss Fitz

    You’re absolutely correct Jimmy, Carlingford Lough taken from Rostrevor beach to be precise. I should have been more precise……

    As to the other views, well, I really would prefer to see a broad range of opinions on it. Anywhere in the world would be just grand, but I do think if someone is going to nominate somewhere, they should be doing so from first hand experience.

    If someone living abroad wants to nominate somewhere here and doesnt have a pic, I’ll probably go and take one. I travel widely so if I’m passing I’ll do it. This wont apply for anywhere outside Northern Ireland!

  • dantheman

    Galway Bay is amazing, but better still is when you are heading from Castlebar to Westport and you can see all of Westport bay, Croagh Patrick and all the little islands. Fantastic.

    In the 6 county orange statelet were the unionist squatters live, still hard to beet the Mournes. Slieve Croob has a nice view of much of the 6 counties, and isnt that big a climb.

  • Fanny

    I find that Belfast looks its best when seen in my rear-view mirror. But this is probably not what you have in mind.

  • Keith M

    Personally I wouldn’t have anywhere in Ireland in my Top 10 views. I tend to go urban landscaps with well desinged buildings.

    My top 3;
    Sydney Harbour looking from Maquarie Street.

    San Francisco from Sausalito.

    The Parthenon in Athens by night viewed from most anywhere within a 3 mile radius.

    If I was to go for anywhere in Ireland it would be Roundwood near Gliften in Galway.

  • Miss Fitz

    Any shots Keith or Dan?

    LOL Fanny….. you must be from Derry!

  • Rory

    I used have a poster on my bedroom wall of Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet and that was definitely the best view in the world ever. Unfortunately Herself disagreed and it no longer hangs there. But aahh – the memory!

  • Fanny

    “LOL Fanny….. you must be from Derry!”

    Does it show that much? 😉

  • na

    I don’t have access to my photographs from here but suggest that Lough Erne particularly from Carrickreagh viewpoint should feature.

    (an average example can be seen here: http://www.mcnutt.de/private/erne/carrickreagh/creahginishdivann.jpg)

  • Keith M
  • Looking down on South Armagh and the ring of Gullion from the top of Slieve Gullion is hard to beat.

  • na

    Slugger bloggers – it might be the right day to do a piece on James Joseph Magennis? There is a wreath laying at the statue in the City Hal grounds, a display of memorabilia and a chance to meet his biographer. (good chance to have a look around City Hall before it closes too)

  • na


    Some of us don’t need to climb a mountain to ‘Look down on South Armagh’ 😉

  • NA

    Why? are you in a Brit army helicopter? 😉

  • willis

    For an obscure but beautiful part of Fermanagh try.


  • Katinka

    The Belfast Telegraph specifically asked for views of Northern Ireland. It is very hard to compare scenery, so many things go to make up the view, not just the physical features of the landscape.

    One of these other things is obviously the sun….and the position of the sun in the sky.

    In my opinion one of the most spectacular views is to take the ‘scenic’ road from Ballycastle to Cushendun. This follows the coast and offers stupendous views of cliffs, the sea, Rathlin and Islay. However, to see it at its best, do it on a sunny day, in the mid afternoon, after 3pm.

    Breathtaking! Good for the soul!

  • I did a post on my own blog of my top 10 favourite views of Ireland a few months back.

  • James D

    Although the Mournes have to win everytime, the view of Belfast/Belfast Lough from cave hill at night time is pretty spectacular in its own way.

  • Fanny

    Gerry, some beautiful shots there.

    That of the Copper Coast: the colour of the water is astonishing – and very unCeltic. No photoshopping there I hope 😉

  • Rory

    I have a cousin who swears that the best view in Ireland is that of the Round House Bar in Downpatrick, Co Down, on a Sunday morning when the doors first open. And, yes, he is called Barney.

  • Crataegus

    The Views above Chamonix are stunning and it is well worth a visit. Don’t need to be a mountaineer. Chairlift up and start walking.

    Hard to beat the Alps

    This is Wengen. The scale of the mountains has to be experienced.

    Then there are places like the Hunza Valley in North Pakastan or I have fond memories of the view from a house boat in Kashmir. Not a brilliant photo but in early spring a beautiful place and alas like N Pakistan not really a place to visit just now.

  • dantheman

    Here is the bay in question, but does not include Croagh Patrick as well so doesnt do it justice


  • Christopher Stalford

    The best view in Ulster is at the Grey Point from where the famous WWII gun is stationed, especially if one is spending the day in glorious sunshine fishing for mackerel!!!

  • T.Ruth

    Climb up from the Annalong River valley and get to the high slopes of Slieve Bignian and look down on the reservoir beyond.I went up there four years ago and realised that it had been thirty years since a previous visit.It was on my list of places I would like to see again.
    When I was a teenager the Mournes had Youth Hostels at Newcastle, Bloody Bridge,Slievenaman,Silent Valley and Kinahalla.
    The views in the Mournes are among the best in the world without being spectacular.Once inside the valleys it is so peaceful. Young people in the fifties and early sixties spent weekends and holidays walking between hostels and learning something about shared space and shared culture when story telling, music and sing songs in the hostels of an evening enabled all of us to embrace our Irishness and Britishness

  • Hidden Gem
  • northernvisitor

    The view from any of the hills above Camlough lake down onto the lake is absolutely beautiful.

    Pity the area it is in is such that I feel absolutely terrified driving around it. Like a beautiful woman South Armagh is both stunning and perilous.

  • Katinka

    T. Ruth, you are so right about the Youth Hostels…..and the views …I am sure you will remember Mrs MacDonald Ross the warden at Knockbarragh (you left it out!). She was a very well spoken, well educated and articulate lady who was a delight to chat to. I wonder what her background was, seeing that the Ross family did live in Rostrevor and there is the once splendid and now neglected memorial to General Ross outside the town. It should be refurbished – the Yanks would love it! (For the uninitiated he’s the general who commanded the troops that beat the yanks at Bladensburg and ate Dolly Madison’s dinner in her home before setting it on fire. The yanks put the fire out, and painted the house white…)

  • GAK

    Seeing Long Kesh fading from view when I was released from internment!

  • Miss Fitz

    I suppose a photo would be out of the question????

  • Benn

    Nobody for Lough Swilly? Or something down by Dingle? I don’t know about you all, but I think Ireland has about a million special views, “best” has to be purely subjective. Find a special spot, take the photo in the mist, take it again in the rain, then again in the sun, no need to rank, just enjoy!

  • Yer Woman

    The 180 degree view from my Dad’s house up on Fahan mountain Co. Donegal. Grainan Fort, Inch Island, Rathmullan and Buncrana. If you squint hard on a particulalry clear day (or happen to have a pair of Binoculars) you can also make out Dunree Fort, Portsalon and Ramelton. Spectacular stuff!

    Also, the descent from the Glenshane Pass in the into the mid-lands of Northern Ireland is also something else.

  • Penelope

    top 5 places I have been to that took my breath away

    anywhere in the the Sierra Nevada mountains, John Muir and Ansel Adams’ “range of light”, but especially Tenaya Lake in Yosemite and the Devil’s Postpile nearby the ski resorts of Mammoth… the Postpile being the same kind of formation as the Causeway except it’s up in the high county forests instead of seaside… when we first met my partner and I were amazed we both loved the same rare formation half a world apart!!!
    http://www.abekleinfeld.com/images/Eastern Sierras/Devil’s Postpile Nat’l Monument.jpg

    the drive along the North Antrim coast and the Giant’s Causeway… no need to post a link i’m sure 😉

    the drive down from Big Sur along Hwy 1 along the central California coast… a bit of a white knucker w/ sheer drops to one side and steep mountiansides on the other!!

    the red rocks and green sage of Sedona, Arizona

    Wizard Island and the sheer walls of the volcanic caldera of Crater Lake, Oregon… the water being so clear and so deep (makes it the most intense shade of blue I’ve ever seen, photos don’t do it justice!!!

  • Penelope

    well poo …it didnt like the Postpile link.. lets see how this one works

    http://oak.ucc.nau.edu/llc7/Photo Albums/Geology/slides/Devils Postpile National Monument.jpg

  • Penelope

    aww %&$@*!!

    for some reason it’s dropping out part of the code for the photos… just google devil’s postpile if you want a look!!!

  • Benn

    I have a photo from more or less where Yer Woman mentioned, taken last week, but how do I post it in here?

  • Penelope

    Benn… post it to a website like Flickr, click on the photo once posted to get an enlarged view of it and then post the link… should work??

  • Harry Flashman

    Benn and Yer Woman

    I was just about to post that if you want beautiful views then stop pretty much anywhere in Inishowen and you’ll find half a dozen all around you.

    I see you two are both Swilly lovers but the views overlooking the Foyle are pretty spectacular too.

    I remember Malachi O’Doherty saying that on a summer’s day Donegal can be more beautiful than Greece, having spent the best part of my summer’s in Donegal I couldn’t disagree with him.

  • Penelope

    Harry… I keep hearing that about Donegal… my partner tells me his favourite place is Glencloumbkille (sp??)… from what photos I’ve seen it looks incredible!!! My partner says once I make the move we’ll have to take a long weekend there 🙂

  • Miss Fitz

    I’ve added the link to the flickr site on the original post. Have to go to work now, but will add the photos later that have been sent to me, and all welcome to post. Just leave a little description of the view!

  • Miss Fitz

    You could also e-mail me the details, and what bit you;d like to be public, and I can post it to the site

  • Alan

    Two wonderful prospects on the same road, between Ballycastle and Cushendall.

    1. The slowly building view of Cushendun after passing the bleak heath around the disappearing lake. One of the few places where new development has enhanced the traditional. Why is the sun always shining there?

    2. The brooding height of Tievebulliagh ( I think !), looking like a malevolent hooded wiccan.

    And not on that same road – the sight of a fishing rod, bent and kicking – absolutely anywhere.

  • nmc

    The glens of Antrim, specifically the Glen Ballyeamon Road, just as Cushendall comes into view. Just makes me feel like I’m at home, it’s amazing.

    On the flipside, the worst has to be as you enter Ballymena coming from Antrim or Belfast, and driving through Harryville. I always get a shudder, and feel the chains tighten around my soul.

  • Miss Fitz

    I’ll be up in Ballycastle next week, and will grab a few from there for you, unless you have one yourself you want to add?