Whats your favourite view

The Belfast Telegraph ran a story yesterday about Jacob’s Creek wine company’s competition for the 50 Best Views in the World. I cant find any informtion on the Jacob’s Creek website, but I’ve written to them to see what its all about. In the meantime, I thought I’d put the question out there, and invite you to submit your best view or nomination if you dont have a photo. You can e-mail me photographs if you like, and I can post them on Flickr, if anyone gets interested. I might try for a better one, but the photo with this caption is my best view at the moment, and is Rostrevor, in the early morning.
UPDATE: This is getting really interesting, and some great e-mails, so I am going to open a FLickr group for it, and will post link. BTW, this is not for the Bel Tel, so no restrictions on shots!
This link will bring you to the Flickr site, so you can post your shot there. As mentioned, I’m going to talk to Jacobs Creek about it all this week, and see if they will look at our entries as a stand alone group!