Love lorn for Titty Von Tramp

Before you start this post, its not about politics, sport, war, sectarianism or any of the other fun Slugger topics. So please dont complain if you carry on reading.

I posted some pictures from Belfast Pride earlier this month on my Flickr site, and I noticed a message and poem for Titty has been posted in the comments for her picture this evening. I am positive one or two of you will find it fascinating……. And for a little more about Titty herself

  • Donnacha

    My God, Dessie really is in love. And it’s not a bad poem, once you ignore the text-shorthand…Ah, nothing like love in a cold climate.

  • Where some see problems, others see opportunity.

    Christening Belfast’s unique answer to the Irish-American Celtic Punk Band, Flogging Molly.

    Jostling Titty.

    Even the last homophobe amongst thee will be saved for know ye Sister Boom Boom partied for thy sins, Belfast.

  • Setanta

    Mayor Von Tramp….that would be progress!