ABOD Ardoyne feeder parade to go ahead…

Looks like there’s been yet another settlement in one of the most contentious areas for parades disputes in the last few years, north Belfast. Saturday’s Apprentice Boys march is to go ahead, hopefully without rancour.From the Parades Commission:

Following yesterday’s meeting of the Parades Commission a spokesman said:

“We have heard from representatives of the North and West Belfast Parades Forum (NWBPF) and the Ardoyne Parades Dialogue Group (APDG) with regard to the ABOD parade scheduled to take place on the morning of Saturday 12th August 2006. An understanding has been reached between the two sides with respect of the parade.

In view of that understanding the Commission has decided not to issue a determination in respect of the parade.”

Parades Commission Chairman Roger Poole welcomed the development.

“We welcome the further progress which has been made in north Belfast around these very sensitive issues. There has been real progress in North Belfast over the last number of months and we are acutely aware of the level of commitment and energy invested in this process by all sides. I am pleased that once again we have been able to agree that no Parades Commission determination is necessary.”

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