Calling a shocking crime, a crime…

This Village editorial from last week’s issue is worth noting, if only for it’s forthrite condemnation of the murder of Jean McConville. It’s vintage Vincent Browne at his ‘let’s cut the crap’ best:

Amid the recent controversy over whether Jean McConville was or was not an “informer”, the central issue is obscured. A woman was murdered without trial or due process or justification by people who had no authority to administer justice of any kind. This was, and remains, a shocking crime and everyone associated with that crime – those who perpetrated it, those who ordered it, those who knew of it and remained silent, those who gave even a semblance of justification for it – are guilty of an enormous wrong. The argument about whether she informed the British army about IRA operations or affairs is an irrelevance. Even if she had informed – and even if she had informed on a regular, persistent and egregious basis – her murder was and is still an abomination.

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