No airbrushing out the dark past…

An interesting take on the painting out of old murals in favour of new ‘peacetime’ motifs of reconciliation.


  • eranu

    didnt know they went back as far as 1908. i thought it was just from the troubles.
    to me the common sense thing would be to clean off most of the murals and leave enough of the main ones to make a tour possible.
    when you see murals in an area it immediately makes the area a scum bag area. im sure people would appreciate their areas being cleaned up.

  • Pete Baker

    Grayson may like to look at the, vicariously thrilling, photographs – and he admits he has never been here – but he should really just stick to his pots.

    He also misses the point on the criticism. It is not so much that the public shouldn’t pay for the removal of the murals… but that the £3.3million is nothing more than a [temporary] bribe.. to keep the paramilitaries on their best[sic] behaviour

  • Red Paul

    There was an Angel of Mons mural painted in the Hammer area of the Shankill in the 1920’s.

    The New Lodge Road had a mural of Tone with a line refering to ‘our protestant patriot’ in the 1930s ( I think) Our murals are an important part of the place and should eveolve as we evolve.

  • gg

    Couldn’t a new mural park be built, like the places in eastern Europe where they put the old communist statues? The old murals could be recreated on specially built walls. That’d be a money-spinning idea, and we could retain a bit of our history.

  • eranu

    thats an interesting idea gg. it would certainly be a unique tourist attraction. why dont you ask for a slice of the £3.3m to create it??? 🙂

  • fair_deal

    The piece overlooks that (in Unionist communities at least) wall murals predate the troubles. They were an existing cultural form that got corrupted by the brutalisation of our community. So it is burying a dark side but reclaiming restoration of the form

  • play the ball – edited moderator

    “They were an existing cultural form that got corrupted by the brutalisation of our community. ”

    Uncle Andy has spoken.

  • joeCanuck

    That was then. This is now. Photograph them for the history archives, then get rid of them.

  • Ronnie Darko

    None of these eyesores deserve to be preserved in any shape or form. They are symbols of the oppression of the working class people, protestant and catholic by criminal scum. Where would you draw the line between glorification of sectarian murder and “history”? Would Perry want these abomonations in his neighbourhood?

  • Red Paul

    Two murals are in my neighbourhood.

    One is historical, relevant to the local community and beyond. The second was overtly paramilitary but has been replaced and is a source of civic pride to our area and well beyond.

    They are representative and popular. Nobody is being exploited.