Commission issues clarification on Dunloy…

Earlier today the Parades Commission met on the tightest regulated parade in Northern Ireland, the wreath laying service in the tiny burial grounds of Dunloy Presbyterian Church and decided to clarify the second paragraph of its original determination, it now states:

B. The organiser, participants and supporters of this procession shall not hold, or attempt to hold, a public procession on any part of the notified route for this procession other than as directed in paragraph A

Despite the speculation beforehand, it seem that the Commission has no power to stop people from assembling, its purpose is to focus on marches. The Commision’s statement continues:

Following a review, the Parades Commission has come to the conclusion that it may be beneficial to clarify its original determination. Specifically, the Commission wishes to remove any element of doubt about the effect of its original determination on a planned wreath laying ceremony in the grounds of Dunloy Presbyterian Church. The Commission does not seek to restrict or in any way interfere with this ceremony.

It is also thought that there were concerns that tensions were raised last year when a rumour spread through the village that the Orange were planning to walk to the church. The riot sit-down protest featured in Fair Deal’s post above ensued.