“It is just dictatorship”

Despite an earlier report, it seems that tomorrow will not see, what would have been, the rather surreal spectacle of Hain’s assembly debating the lack of progress in Hain’s committee. Instead, according to the Belfast Telegraph they will be “asked to focus on the implications of spending priorities for a future programme for government and the spending reviews both of 2004 and next year.” – leaving a raft of motions off the agenda, no unanimity, of course. That before adjourning for the summer recess. Except for those involved in Hain’s committee, who, as previously noted, have been directed to set up sub-committees to the committee [an alternative to the alternative asssembly? – Ed] sitting, probably, in closed sessions and not subject to the boycott by Sinn Fein... nor, probably, to public scrutiny.

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  • seabhac siulach

    So they are to have sub-committees to their committees…what next sub-committees to their sub-committees (sub-sub-committees?) and so on and on until they all disappear up their own backsides…(if this has not, in fact, happened already looking at a few of the MLAs…I could name a few names…!)?

    They make a charade of democracy and parliamentary procedure…this pantomime nonsense should be ended now and the whole lot suspended pending direct talks between the DUP/Sinn Fein sometime in October…
    Otherwise they risk making the general public even more cynical about local politics (if that was possible).
    In the likely absence of direct talks in October pull the whole lot down and give us joint authority (lite) as the best of the other bad options…although for nationalists this may, in fact, be something to secretly wish for (if the two govts. are serious)…

  • Pete Baker

    They make a charade of democracy and parliamentary procedure…”?


    Have a closer look at who’s doing the directing.

  • joeCanuck


    I think it’s a bit harsh to call it a “dictatorship”.
    We had free elections but the politicians refuse to accept their responsibilities.

  • lib2016

    Whaddyamean ‘failed entity’?

  • Pete Baker


    It’s a quote from Alliance MLA, Kieran McCarthy – their chief whip – in the Belfast Telegraph article linked in the original post.

  • seabhac siulach

    “Have a closer look at who’s doing the directing.”

    Don’t you mean ‘dictating’? ‘They’ was a cover-all term…meaning all the politicos as one…but then I guess the ‘conductor’ must always take the blame when the ‘orchestra’ is out of tune…

    The whole thing is an expensive farce. Why continue with it if the DUP are already indicating that they will not talk before Nov. 24th? It makes no sense…it is a nonsense…
    Are all these committees then preparing for roles in government that will never come?

    A bit late in the day also for MLAs to be claiming Peter Hain is acting as in a dictatorship, when in fact, there has been rule by government decree in the six counties since 1972…

    I am confused on one point, if the DUP are willing to sit down with Sinn Fein in committees, sub-committees, ad infinitum, why are they not willing to sit down and discuss other more pressing political matters? Or is there some legalistic excuse the DUP uses to get around this astounding hypocrisy? Do they perhaps not talk to their fellow committee members, while sitting around the same table…some childish nonsense like that…?

  • pid

    There is a good article by somebody Smith in the current edition of Fortnight if anyone save us few saddos is still interested. If I recall correctly Smith reckons there are 3 criteria for successful power-sharing administrations, and NI fails all 3.

  • Greenflag

    The pantomime continues 🙁 Forget the farce of a powerless devolved game of sectarian musical chairs . Irish nationalists need to push for a fair Repartition of Northern Ireland .

    Leave Paisley and his DUP fellow travellers to themselves alone . We Irish need to have nothing to do with the DUP wastoids or their ilk.

  • Greenflag

    ‘If I recall correctly Smith reckons there are 3 criteria for successful power-sharing administrations, and NI fails all 3. ‘

    So what does that say for both Governments who are still trying to force the patient to swallow this political castor oil ?

    Brilliant observation by yon Smith:) If at first you don’t succeed by all means try again. However after 40 years of failure it should now be patently clear to at least the Irish nationalist community in Northern Ireland and to the vast majority of Irish people across this island that another road needs to be followed .

  • Rubicon

    Greenflag – you seem very certain in your prognoses for the future. Do you have inside information or is it more an expression of hope?

    The fact of the matter is that between now and November 24th (and indeed beyond that to May ’07) a process of political negotiation will be on-going.

    There’s nothing wrong with attempting to involve all parties in those issues that need to be discussed across parties – IF that can happen. It mat not happen – but beware underestimating your opposition. Do you think you are blessed with a better insight – or are you party to information not known?

    You can post your opinion here – but did you ever think you might be betting on Brazil after they lost? Can you conceive that there might be something smarter happening?

    What could that be?

    Well – THINK! Milestones missed serve as grounds for exits. There’s much more involved too; e.g. the British attempting to push the “DUP consultation” in to its own timetable.

    If you KNOW that the DUP won’t deal – can you fill us all in? I remember Reg making the same call last week. I’m sure he and the rest of NI would be grateful for this information.

    OR – perhaps political negotiations are happening?? Do you have a problem with that?

  • Rubicon

    Pete – “an alternative to the alternative asssembly? – Ed” – not your most insightful analysis. Too easy and unworthy of you.

    I’m going to keep this in mind when you next mention “straw man”.

  • Pete Baker


    Green Flag is on a mission – to proselytize on behalf of his favoured cause: repartition.

    Nothing wrong with that, Green Flag.. but if you keep attempting to divert discussions onto that particular topic, regardless of the original post, then you run the risk of summary deletion of your comments. Just saying..

  • Rubicon

    Pete – I agree – repartition is way off topic … but perhaps not altogether unrelated to, “It is just dictatorship”.

    Perhaps a thread on repartition may help – I promise not to contribute to it, but I’ll scan through when in need of a laugh.

    Who said dinosaurs were extinct?

  • Pete Baker

    Oh, we run one of those threads every now and again.. just to keep the more raucous element content – here’s the most recent one