Crisis at Rape Crisis centre

I heard on the news this evening that the Rape Crisis centre in Belfast was going to have it’s funding cut, and I determined to find out a little more about the story. I haven’t been able to find any press releases or other links for this particular crisis, but I can see that this is something of an annual event for the centre. It certainly arose as an issue in 2002, and interestingly the Assembly reports that additional funding was made available for audit work and strategic planning to take place. I find records in 2005, when funding became critical once more for them. Update Thanks Pete for this link for the story, not much but at least its on someone’s radar.

There is no doubt about the excellent work done at client and promotion level by the centre and the volunteers, but as anyone in the voluntary sector will attest to, provision of service must be coupled with excellence in accounting and accountability. Hopefully there will be a Press Release tomorrow, and this will be followed with interest.