Stakeknife booked may be pulled…

Martin Ingram‘ (sometime of this parish) is concerned that his book of three years ago may be affected by a recent court injunction on anyone revealing information that could point to revelation of Freddie Scappaticci’s whereabouts. The vulnerablity comes from its inclusion of a photograph of Scappaticci taken during a BBC interview at the time of the Stakeknife revelations.



    Uh, can’t they just reissue it with the photo blacked out?

  • DaithiO

    “sometime of this parish” and voracious self publicist !


  • na

    Dear Sir,

    You have previously expressed no interest in banning my book.

    I would like you to ban it over the picture on page x.



  • martin

    publish and be damned, anyway I thought Martin now lived down south of the border, down mexico way

  • heck

    will the person on this site who said he was proud to be British because it had a free press please come forward to be slapped.

  • Daisy

    Oh, must rush out and buy my copy before the ban takes effect, even though I’ve managed to live for 3 whole years without reading it!

    How [un]surprising that Henry McDonald is the one to alert the public to this important matter.

  • Brenda

    Freedom of the press?? Whats that heck.

    If this book is to be pulled its small fry compared to others who have tried to speak out.

    Dr david kelly, outed as a source of a story, committed suicide. Leo O’Connor and David Keogh are to be charged under the official secrets act for leaking classified information. There was a memo leaked of a conversation between bush and blair in which blair is said to have disagreed with bush over the bombing of al jazeera HQ. they face up to two years in prison if convicted this autumn.The attorney general warned other editors that they too could face prosecution if they leaked any more of the document.

    This stuff crosses borders. It’s not just britain. In the US a Times reporter spent three months in jail over who leaked details of a CIA agent the wife of a whistleblower joseph wilson. The leaks about american phones being tapped and the secret prisons in europe. Its also happening in switzerland.

    This gag on any publication about scappaticci is the latest in a long line. His identity is to be protected while what he did to his victims goes unpunished. Maybe he is plannig on returning to live in riverdale.

    As for the book, buy a second hand copy or borrow it from the library. geez is there really a story about this book being pulled?

  • Gerry

    is there really a story about this book being pulled?

    nah but its a slow day.

  • heck


    I agree with you totally that the censorship of MI’s book is small fry compared to the other attacks on press freedom. I also agree with your view that the censorship of the Scappaticci book in the latest in a long line. I remember being proud of having my copy of the Peter Wright book “Spycatcher” that Thatcher banned after a friend brought it from the US.

    While I agree that Britain is far from being the worst offender I do get annoyed at those who claim Britain has a free press. It does not and this is one more example along with those you cited. I also get p***** off at those BBC employees who claim the BBC is independent. The government appoints the board of directors, says how much money they can spend, pays the employees with tax money (the TV tax), and gives MI5 the power to vet all the employees. The BBC is no more independent than TASS was in the old Soviet Union.

    There can be no democracy with out a free press and the voter’s ability to access the information needed to exercise their vote. Voters in Britain need to know that their government was running death squads in Nor Iron and had on the payroll killers like scappaticci.

  • Brenda

    ‘There can be no democracy with out a free press and the voter’s ability to access the information needed to exercise their vote.’

    Heck I agree that journalists have a fundamental right to investigate and report on matters of national interest. But on the other hand there is a POV which states that goverments are trying to wage a war on terror and whistleblowers are leaking governments tatics. Doesn’t the national interest require stopping some leaks of classified information since it could tip off terrorists to government tatics and thus endanger the national interest? Even put lives at risk?
    Of course I am speaking in general terms here, and not really about scappaticci, but about gagging orders. IMO scappaticci will hardly live out life on these islands and keep his identity a secret, the bush telegraph being mightier than the newspaper.

  • heck


    The use of the phase “war on terror” is used to cover a multitude of offenses. The American press has reported that the US is using secret prisons in Europe to (allegedly Poland and Romania) “rendition” suspects. Don’t the citizens of these countries have a right to know that their governments are complicit in torture and be able to decide if they agree. That is what democracy is all about. To invade Iraq on the excuse of spreading democracy (I guess the WMD excuse is gone) and then deny the citizens of western Europe the ability to decide democratically participate in the US rendition policy seems to me to be fatuous.

    American citizens have to know about the extent to which their privacy has been invaded in “the war on terror” to give their agreement. That is the nature of democracy.

    I think the issue of Scap and the brits’ use of death squads in a little different. There is enough info out for them to make informed decisions. The position of the average british subject is similar to Germans during the 1930’s and 40’s. They don’t want to know. After the war the “we knew nothing” Germans civilians had to be marched through the concentration camps to see what was done in their name. The average British citizen has to have their noses rubbed in the fact that they are no better that a South American junta.

    The fact that Jack Straw could go to the UN and lecture the Syrian government on covering up its collusion with terrorists in Lebanon tells me that British politicians have their heads up their collective arse.

  • Ingram

    Your argument regarding the Bush telegraph is correct.

    The Government in the shape of Peter Hain on lets talk last week spent a few minutes lecturing us all the requirement for the press to only publish the truth. I am still waiting for my reply.LOL When I do I will publish on The letter to Hain is on the site,

    I published the truth all those years ago, although many on this site and beyond could not or would not believe it. Today of course it is different, many Republicans believe Martin Ingram because unlike many who have history of lying like McGuinness, Adams and his mate Peter Hain Ingram in contrast has a good record in these matters.

    Scap is not a well man , this weakness coupled with his desire to remain close to his family is a major problem for his security force minders and paymaster. The new ID given and acknowledged in the Scap argument is very important to the long term security and welfare of this Agent.Tough.

    The IRA poses no risk to Scap although the odd volunteer who crossed his path may take a different view but in essence his major problem lies with the press.Scap knows most of the skeletons in the IRA, after all in twenty odd years he knows who he saved and who he put down a hole.HMG is in a funny position. Dead men do not talk BUT the press attention on Scap is too problematic. If Scap had gone away and retired well away from NI all would be well BUT like I predicted at the time of his exposure he will find it nigh on impossible to leave his family. The Security services are pissed off with him for his perceived stupidity but can do very little although should Scap carry through his threat to spill the beans he will be old news.

    After all why do you think Martin and the Two Gerry`s went to such lengths to protect this exposed Agent for close on two years. Mc Guinness Knows very well WHY .Ssssssh your time will come.

    Martin Ingram.

    P.S.Brenda. Genuine sources who work/ed in the public Interest have nothing to fear from me. They deserve all the protection of the courts and society but murderers do not nor do their Handlers. In my career I have come in contact with maybe 70/90 Agents in the IRA/RM,many I remain in contact with today, some I would consider friends and hopefully they do me.

    The Scaps of this world are not on my Christmas card list and never will be.

    P.S.Any publicity is good, I would vote to break the injunction and carry on with the book. The publisher and others may ask for a reprint.We are on the fifth print run. Sales remain good and this will do them no harm.

  • Brenda

    heck, you miss my point, I totally agree with you via the freedom of the press, but to put the other POV that leaking documents and whistleblowers can put the national interest and even ppeoples lives at risk.
    For example, in the US last month the times, and other newspapers leaked details of a US government programme that tapped into a huge international data base of financial records to try to track terrorist finances. This story gave away the governments tatics to terrorists who then could move the money they had around to finance terrrorism both in the US and abroad. One has to ask, was this in the national interest? On the face of it, the answer is NO. It is not. This could not only injure the national interest but put peoples lives at risk if it is used to finance terrorism on US citizens. A lot of Republicans (the US kind) called for criminal investigations of both the journalists and those within government who leaked the information.

    Re: the prisons in europe etc, I totally agree, all had a right to know. And I agree the term war on terror is an umbrella term to cover a multitude of sins, but it has to be faced there is a threat out there, and that threat will involve governments in the use of such tatics as taking away the money to finance terrorism, much the same as they are doing with organisations such as CAB. You don’t have any problem with that do you?

    As regards scap. Terrorist extremist organisations have learnt from the experience of the IRA. It is now the terrorists who are infiltrating MI5 rather than the other way about, if BBC news is to be believed tonight. Governments and their intelligence organisations are playing catch up with more sophisticated terrorists now. They have to take some measures surely .

    The fact that freedom of speech and of the press is the first of US citizens rights is not by accident.
    However,unless accomodation is struck between the governments and the press, it will lead to more crackdowns than we are seeing. Freedom of the press could be a distant memory.

  • na

    ‘Stakeknife booked may be pulled’

    No it won’t.

    ‘Ingram’ is charmed? Just lucky?

    He signed the Act (and more) and escaped a D notice for years.

    Either HMG endorses breaches of the OSA or he is writing crap.

    Remember what happened to Shayler and others when they broke their oath and the nothing that has happened to ‘Ingram’, could he really just be giving it the Walter Mitty for profit? Why ain’t he in gaol?

  • heck


    You and I are 75% in agreement on issue the freedom of the press; however think about what you said.

    “However, unless accommodation is struck between the governments and the press, it will lead to more crackdowns than we are seeing. Freedom of the press could be a distant memory”

    Accommodation between governments and the press!!!! that is the beginning of the end of press freedom. The relationship between the media and the government should be adversarial. As the late Vincent Hanna (good Nor Iron man) from BBC’s Newsnight said “the relationship between a journalist and a politician should be the same as between a dog and a lamp post”.

    What you are asking for is for the US media in “the war on terror” to act in the shameful manner the British media has in Nor Iron. I have complaints about the US media (between 9/11 and Katrina they were nothing more than Bush’s lap dogs!!) but they have acted infinitely better that the British media has in covering our troubles.

    The same excuse was used by the British media in censoring themselves or allowing the British government to censor them, “saving lives” “not supporting terrorism” and in the end they were part of the problem.

    Your mentality (I don’t mean to be too critical) allowed the banning of elected representatives from TV, the refusal to report on the torture after internment for 9 months ( I believe this was a D notice), allowing the brits to censor TV programs, the fact the average British subjects will not accept that their government murders people, and much more.

    You sound like a girl who wants to have sex but still be a virgin. You either believe in a free press of you don’t and you believe in accommodation between the media and the government.

  • Brenda

    But heck I cannot answer you properly until you tell me, do you think the example given, ie the US government tapping in to financial data bases in order to stop money from getting into terrorist organisations to prevent terrorism, and the papers reporting it, was in the public interest.

    You see, I do not want to interfere with freedoms of the press as you would advocate also, but in practical terms tell me, and I need to nail you down on this, what would you have governments do if whistleblowers go to the press and leak government tatics. Your theories are all correct, but how do you play them out in practical terms?
    ps emotional arguments about NI will not alone justify an opinion. We are talking here generally about what has been termed the ‘war on terror.’

  • Ingram


    Quote”We are talking here generally about what has been termed the ‘war on terror.’

    Your argument fails in this respect. What happens if the Governments become the Terrorist and terrorise a community like in NI .

    The arming and exploitation of the Loyalist community and the IRA is nothing short of riding two horses in a Two horse race.

    Whistleblowers in UK and European Human right legislation are not covered in respect to Government actions. It is OK for a whistleblower to report say on a bank but if a Government breaks the law, well that is just life.

    Na. Quote” Either HMG endorses breaches of the OSA or he is writing crap

    Let me ask you ? do you bel;ieve me when I say Scap is Stake knife yes or NO.

    In respect to Shayler. He sold his story for money. I did not. The State could show intent to damage national interests and for NO PUBLIC INTEREST.

    My defence was more solid, Shayler could not ID Agents because he was a desk officer or collator. I could show the real damage caused and could CAUSE REAL DAMAGE.LOL


  • heck


    Sorry for not answering you question directly but to your question of the NY Times LA Times and Washington Post reporting on the US use of SWIFT database to track terrorist money. Yes I think the papers were correct to report it.

    I understand that SWIFT organization had already reported this cooperation in their published annual report. I tried to post a link last night but I couldn’t find it before I went to bed. The US treasury secretary had announced that he had a program to track terrorist money. Bush had made a public statement that he was tracking money transfers. This information was already in the public domain!!! Letting the general public know what is being done in their name when all the insiders know seems to me to be the definition of a free press.

    What is going on with this issue is an attempt by the Bush administration to intimidate the media to not report on their excesses in the “war on terror” and I despair that the US media will go the way of the British media in covering Northern Ireland. It seems to me that the people doing the leaking to the media are CIA and DOD insiders who are concerned as to where Bush and Cheney are taking the US -and good for them.

    From your question it seems to me that you are being manipulate to support restrictions on a free press. Don’t underestimate the ability of people like Carl Rove to manipulate public opinion. Look at the last US election –you had a combat veteran with three purple hearts and a silver star running against two draft dodgers and Rove had the public questioning John Kerry’s war record.

    You either believe in a free press or you don’t and I am as close to being an absolutist as anyone. (the only possible exception is child pornography.)