Miss Fitz on Sunday Sequence

I find that listening to Radio Ulster is one those chores in life that has become inevitable. Mostly dull or banal, with spuriously contentious shows, there are very few highlights during the week. There are exceptions of course, although these too tend to be hit and miss.

One show in particular has always stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of consistently high standards and beautiful presentation. Sunday Sequence is presented by William Crawley, and if I can’t awaken fully with William on Sunday morning, his show is repeated on Sunday evening.

I’ve just come in from a BBC studio taping of part of next Sunday’s broadcast, and I cant recommend it highly enough. The BBC screened a film called “Unlocking the Past”, a look at archival material and its accesibilty and importance to the public. This was followed by a hugely entertaining and stimulating debate on our history, it’s importance to us and our perception of it.

I felt that the best debate was the one that didn’t actually happen. I brought up the use of history in the context of healing, and it appeared that some of the academics present suddenly felt that history was fine, as long as the people didnt have unfettered access. I may have picked up wrong on that, but the atmosphere did seem to change perceptibly, but unfortunately our time was up! Anyway, I really hope some of you will catch it on Sunday, as it really was a good thought provoking discussion.

PS William: I always fancied having a read of those papers on a Sunday morning………