Faul sent Paisley message of support…

Interesting snippet from the press conference at Stormont today. Ian Paisley claimed to have had a message of support from Denis Faul, in pursuit of those bodies disappeared by the IRA:

“One of the last things he did from his death bed was that he sent me a personal message that said Ian do not give in,” the DUP leader said. “He said he had represented those families who wanted the bodies of their loved ones returned by the IRA. His message was that the Roman Catholic people depend on you as well.”

Faul rarely showed support for Paisley in life, and indeed, Paisley himself has rarely missed a trick in promoting prosleytised former Catholic priests (which Faul was certainly not). So I’d guess this is more to do with mood than substance. An attempt, perhaps, to head off the criticism that Faul made of Paisley in life: that he couldn’t bear to share power with Adams because he was a Catholic.

And, of course, it highlights some of the more gruesome outstanding business from the IRA’s bloody campaign of the past.