Faul sent Paisley message of support…

Interesting snippet from the press conference at Stormont today. Ian Paisley claimed to have had a message of support from Denis Faul, in pursuit of those bodies disappeared by the IRA:

“One of the last things he did from his death bed was that he sent me a personal message that said Ian do not give in,” the DUP leader said. “He said he had represented those families who wanted the bodies of their loved ones returned by the IRA. His message was that the Roman Catholic people depend on you as well.”

Faul rarely showed support for Paisley in life, and indeed, Paisley himself has rarely missed a trick in promoting prosleytised former Catholic priests (which Faul was certainly not). So I’d guess this is more to do with mood than substance. An attempt, perhaps, to head off the criticism that Faul made of Paisley in life: that he couldn’t bear to share power with Adams because he was a Catholic.

And, of course, it highlights some of the more gruesome outstanding business from the IRA’s bloody campaign of the past.


  • Jesus wept

    How bad things have gotten that you have Catholic priests who held the frontline against British injustice begging Ian Paisley to save people from the IRA.

  • Justin

    Wait a minute, since when does Big Ian care what a papist says? All of his tragic turn towards the church of rome, and popery rhetoric this bigot spouts and all. So basically, it’s ok to listen to a Catholic when he’s agreeing with you. I get it…

  • Rory

    Quite grotesque. I simply do not believe this claim. It must surely indicate that for Paisley the end indeed is now nigh.

  • Shore Road Resident

    It’s no more ridiculous than the letter that crazy old fraud ‘Father’ Sean McManus has been firing off to all the papers since Fr. Faul passed away. Have you seen it? “Father Faul supported the Irish National Caucus against British attack when everyone else called me a nut-job” etc. etc. and it’s been in EVERY newspaper in Ireland.

    What a nut-job.

  • Rory

    I have not seen McManus’s claim, Shore Road man, but I am pleased that this grave robbing claim appears ridiculous to you as well.

  • pith

    Pathetic that these wasters (Paisley & McManus both) can exploit Mgr Faul in death as they never could in life. We’ll be getting the silly “Paisley did so much for his catholic constituents” line next.

  • Bemused

    Bit of a history to this one I’me afraid. Talk to any reasonably intelligent Free Presbyterian (yes, I know it’s something of a misnomer) and almost to a man (or dowdily dressed woman) they’ll tell you conspiratorially that “Oh, yes, Dr. Paisley gets a lot of bad press, but what the media don’t tell you about are the number of priests who ask for him to be at their deathbeds and who ‘convert’ to him before death….”. Quite simply, this is a risible pile of shite. I’ve been hearing this tripe ‘off the record’ from Free P’s for years yet have ever to hear of any concrete proven examples. It strikes me as just another of Dr. Evil’s confidence tricks – let’s face it, he can say what he likes after the poor fecker of a priest is dead.


    Talk to any reasonably intelligent Free Presbyterian (yes, I know it’s something of a misnomer)

    Sectarian much? How would you feel if someone here made the same comment about catholics?

    let’s face it, he can say what he likes after the poor fecker of a priest is dead.

    Whereas, you just say what you like from the anonymity of the internet.
    Can you verify your claims in this thread anymore than Paisley?

  • P113

    No, you are all wrong. What the piece failed to mention was that the message was sent by telepathy.

    Nothing unusual here, in that Big Ian has been steered throughout his political life by telepathic messages from the Lord; ” Now Ian, it will soon be time to cut a deal with that evil fenian murdering b****** Adams…”

  • Brenda

    Hmmmm not to speak out of turn but seems with all these claims he was a very busy man on his death bed. Fr Faul, isn’t noted in the press for being best buddies with big Ian.


  • If it was Fr Faul’s last wish that the Disappeared (Catholics members of Sinn Fein abducted, robbed, tortured, most likely raped, and dumped in unmarked graves) then would it nt make sense to ask any politican who might keep the question of the Dispappeared alive? I find it much easier to believe Fr Faul would do this than that others not aligned to Sinn Fein – see above posts – would find it a source of mirth.

  • joeCanuck

    I imagine that P113 hit the nail on the head.

  • Mick Fealty

    “Disappeared Ireland” Googled.

  • http://tinyurl.com/fmmc2
    Mick: you should have looked it up in the News section. Not so encouraging. Time, methinks, for Gerry, Ian and a few more of the usual suspects to join the late Slobo, Chuck Taylor and a few otehrs in the dock in the Hague. The Disappeared destroy any claim Sinn Fein have to moral legitimacy. If Ian should bring it up on a regular basis, a lot more people besides the late Denis Faul will appreciate him for it

  • interested

    It does seem that Fr Faul said more on his deathbed than Del Boy and Rodney’s mother.

    Hope someone took a good transcript.

  • willis

    Well let’s face it Big Ian didn’t claim that George Best sent him a message from his death bed. Actually now i think of it……..

  • smcgiff

    LOL, interested!!!

  • pith

    How was this message communiciated? Was it by e-mail, by telephone? Did Ian Paisley visit Denis Faul?

  • middle-class taig

    Amazing how much Faul had lost the run of himself by the end.

    Yet more evidence to demonstrate that there genuinely exists the anti-republican conspiracy that unionists and the SDLP try to claim is a figment of SF’s imagination.

  • Mick: This plea makes ample sense. The priest was dying so with his last moments, he asked his minders to ask Paisley to try to make SFIRA do the right thing on this one issue. Again, maybe those who laugh should be buried like a dog themsselves. These murders by Sinn Fein put them on a par with the Argie and other dath squads. It has nothing to do with the Brits, DUP or anyone else. Gerry Adams has to take all the credit.

  • middle-class taig


    But the discredit this does to Faul in the eyes of moderate Catholics is significant. Here’s a priest, with dying breath, pleading with someone who calls the Pope the Antichrist and who hads devoted his adult life to demonising the Church, to erect yet further obstacles in the path of the party most Catholics vote for in its attempts to secure equality for Catholics.

    On any objective analysis, it makes him appear spiteful, obsessed, mean-spirited, grudge-bearing and vengeful. If I know Tyrone men, there’ll be plenty asking if the complicity with the RUC in Faul’s latter career was motivated primarily by an unpleasant animus towards Sinn Fein. An regrettable epitaph for a man who once offered much.

  • Rory

    This claim will most certainly not discredit Faul in the eyes of Catholics. It could only do that if there was even a remote chance that it might be true and who in their right mind would swallow that?

  • I must be missing something here. Faul, as a Catholic/Christian, believes in the right to a Christian burial, something we all believe in, even for the likes of John McGuffiin who had his own anarchist take on it. Even Billy Wright extended to his victims the right to a Christian burial.

    Now, let’s say Faul was cogent until the end. Would he have not asked his confessor, those with him at the end, to do whatever could be done? If Paisley, the Queen, Osama etc can put pressure on, why not? When a young Catholic was recently murdered in Ballymena (remember????), we were: wil paisley, will Paisley not attend the funeral. And here is a chance for Paisley to put pressure on the Provos to do the right thing over one of the most shameful episodes in the entire litany of the Troubles.

    Look at Ken Bigley who was disappeared in Iraq. His family approached British Muslims, Gerry Adams, the British and Irish governments etc, anyone who theyv felt could help.

    The Provos speak about demonizing. They blow up Enniskillen. Utter a word and you are demonizing them. Gerry McCabe, the Northern Bank, etc. Talk of the Red Hand of Ulster. And yet here is a man who tried to give hope to the hopeless (the Maguire family, the Birmingham Six etc: he and Sr Clarke were there when no one else was). And for him to ask a politician with the highest vote in Europe to put pressure on a gang of double dealing touts, smugglers, layabouts, womanizers, thieves, murderers etc is deemed a sell out and evidence Faul is a devil.

    In my book, to disappear people is pretty low, And is there not a mother in Ireland who would go to Paisley or anyone else if they thought they might get some inkling as to where their loved ones are and what was done to them?

  • pith

    That’s not the point. Did he or did he not send the message?

  • seanniee

    Big Ian helping Ketholics. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA .
    Now then who says the Dup have no sense of humour.

  • Jesus wept

    Big Gerry nominating Big Ian, ha, ha, ha, ha, who says SF don’t have a sense of humour.

    Taigs is spot on. Things have gotten so desperate that men like Faul, courageous, compassionate men who championed human rights, are left to the likes of Paisley to beg the IRA to do the right thing. Isn’t that shameful! What have we become!

  • Mick Fealty

    On any objective analysis:

    “…it makes him appear spiteful, obsessed, mean-spirited, grudge-bearing and vengeful. If I know Tyrone men, there’ll be plenty asking if the complicity with the RUC in Faul’s latter career was motivated primarily by an unpleasant animus towards Sinn Fein”.

    This is playing the man…

  • an unpleasant animus towards Sinn Fein liars, murderers, double dealing midget sized womanizing drunkards.

    Mick: I think the last post is ok as a post. Is the poster trying to say Faul was a tout, or a double dealer? Let him say it to knock him down.

    Faul was a straight shooter, like Olive Braiden (formerly Rape Crisis Centre, now Arts Council). She would say rape in the wars of the Yugosalve succession were wrong, full stop, no ifs and buts, just a no no for any non brute. And Faul said the same thing about this black mega stain on Gerry Adams et al. Disappearing people put the Provos and INLA (Seamus Ruddy) on the same par with Latin American dictators.

    So, it is agreed Faul wanted to raise the Disappeared with his last breath, And, in the spirit of his earlier battles for the innocent in Brtiish jails, fair play to him. If he shouldn’t have turned to Big Ian, who sohuld he have turned to? Bob Storey? Slab? Robert Mugabe? The Brazilian football team? So let Ian bash Robert McCartney’s killers with this until they spit up the bodies.

    At least Paisley raised the issue and we are raising it here. So well done Cooley man. The Skibereen Eagle and more salute you.

  • lib2016

    We’ve had attacks on Sinn Fein from a group of posters who suddenly appeared claiming inside knowledge of British ‘Intelligence’, they vanished after being widely denounced in the Irish media and now we suddenly have a rash of uber republicans denouncing Sinn Fein from quite a different perspective. Curiouser and curiouser.

    The interesting bit will come when they turn on those ‘useful idiots’ in the DUP. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer goes the old saying, and MI5 have already got an office and lots of agents inside the DUP.

    Well they have rolled up the RIR, the UDA, the UVF,the RUC, the OUP and the OO. Not many unionist institutions left, are there? Especially when the only one left standing faces a decision which will inevitably lead to splits. Yes or No, powersharing or exclusion from all decisions?

  • Glen Taisie

    Regardless of who said what to whom the message must be



  • http://tinyurl.com/mshlh

    Seems Fr Faul might have made the Paisley move after all. The DUP say they are taking up the issue. Lets’s hope Sinn Fein come clean on this one.

  • http://www.nuzhound.com/articles/irish_news/arts2006/jul4_death_brings_Fr_Faul__AMcIntyre.php

    Only three ex Blanketmen bothered to turn up for Fr Faul’s funeral. I guess no folded tricolour for his family.

  • bertie

    The UDR and the RUC were not unionist institutions.

    That the UUP is one is a matter of debate ;o)

    I hope that the DUP follow throuhg in this.

  • Tochais Siorai

    I found your first sentence a lot funnier than your second one, bertie.