10 arrests in police and security services operation

The BBC report 10 arrests as a result of the searches of 8 properties in Armagh and Fermanagh today in a combined operation by PSNI Crime Operations Department and the British Security Service. Not many details yet although the report has a quote from Detective Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter – “We believe that this operation has disrupted a potential major terrorist conspiracy”. A brief PA report here Update I missed this from the BBC report – “PSNI detectives were also present in France to assist French police in conducting a related search.”


  • irish in America

    How many will we hear released in a few days w/out charges?

  • Turbo Paul

    I think if there were to a successful terrorist attack by dissident Republicans, RIRA, CIRA, then this would be detrimental to the mainstream Republican cause.

    If so, then what is the position of Sinn Fein and PIRA with regards passing on intelligence about potential dissident attacks??????????

    If Martin McGuinness were to pass intelligence through back-channels would he be guilty of collusion or would he be acting in the best interest of the overall Republican cause????

    Alternatively, these raids could be as a result of investigating conventional criminality and that criminality overlaps into paramiltary activity.

  • Brenda

    I wonder how much man power was used on the eight properties? In Forest Gate London, there were 250 for one two up two down house with a back garden. So 250 x 8= a whole lot.

    To disrupt a potential major terrorist conspiracy.

    Perhaps they will find as many weapons as they did in Forest Gate, time will tell…..

  • Pete Baker


    The BBC report quotes a figure of 200 [police] officers.. but it also says “supported by soldiers”.

  • martin

    final count of arms recovered in todaya searches 2 water pistols and a whoopee cushion

  • Ulster36th1916

    Stap palitical palicin

  • Ingram


    It never fails to amaze me how one dimensional people can be when they look at a statement of fact.

    Operations like this can have a number of aims all inter woven. Yes, it may have been to disrupt an on going live operation or ?

    It could have been a way of making contact with potential or existing source or a recontact .


    To plant or facilitate electronic coverage of either individuals or equipment or into the fabric of buildings etc.

    What you can be 100% sure of is, this was not some F.E.C.K. around operation. When you involve other countries Agencies they require some meat on the bones or they do not play the game.

    Everything you read or hear is not always the truth or the true aim,that brings us nicely onto ??

    Quote Turbo Paul.If Martin McGuinness were to pass intelligence through back-channels would he be guilty of collusion or would he be acting in the best interest of the overall Republican cause????

    Turbo . Republicans today accept that the Army ( PIRA) was not kept in the picture as to truthful developments by both Adams & McGuinness,today Republicans know they were lied to but Eh what is new and today those that were prepared and willing to fight have lost that energy and desire. Job well done.

    Ed Maloney makes a similar point in his book sourced from very senior active Republicans:

    from moloney secret history, pages 446-553

    the Executive case, put mostly by mckevitt and gillen basically resolved around their lack of trust in the adams camp and the fear that having been debilitated once by a cease fire the ira could only get weaker if it went into a second one. The ira rank and file was also distrustful, they said, and would react badly to the decision There was the possibility of major dissension a fear that the talks would get nowhere and a conviction that the ira was being pushed so far into a corner that it would have no alternative but to continue with a stratey that would lead to its demise.

    There were angry references to what the executive clearly regrded as a bogus promise given to it by the army council chariman martin mcguinness. At the previous executive meeting in may mcguinness had given a firm assuracnce that there would be no second cease fire the only people talking about a cease fire he had said were members of the executive and this grarantee had been repeated at the june metting of army council GHQ staff and OCs in donegal. that made it twice since the 1996 convention that mcguinness had given such a pledge three times within nine months if the execugive version was to be believed.

    Adams finally called a halt to the discussion…….

    a meeting that had been testy and bad tempered ended with mcguinness telling the executive that the cease fire decision would be made public at midnight on friday july 18.

    Good Night.


  • Turbo Paul

    MI, do you believe that Martin McGuinness is passing current intelligence to the Brits in order to thwart a RIRA/CIRA attack, like that of todays alleged thwarting???????????

    If so, is this why McG is so valuable to the Brits??

  • Pete Baker


    Let’s not take another thread down the same wholly speculative route as so many others have already been led.. with little to show at the end but too much heat and no light whatsoever.

    This thread already has a topic.. try to keep to it.

  • Turbo Paul

    In light of Forest Gate, I would hope that French authorities would have been very cautious before allowing todays raids.

    I am sure Forest Gate was present in the minds of Brit intelligence, so they need to come up with the goods.

    However, if these raids prove to be in the same mode as Forest Gate then we are left with the intelligence services slipping from one banana skin to another.

  • Ingram


    last point on this from me.



    The big game is over, job done.


  • Briso

    I must be naive. I seem to be the only one on Slugger who thinks that it’s a good thing that the IRA stopped the ‘armed struggle’. These guys arrested today deserve whatever they get, and if their former comrades are passing on information about them, GOOD!!! They have no support from anyone in Ireland. Who the hell do they think they are? Who do they speak for? Why the hell do so many unionists on this site cosy up to their apologists? These are the people responsible for the Omagh bomb, and they are actively working towards the next one.

    Pete’s right about not going down the same road of speculating on the agent business, but let’s state what we know.
    1. Martin McGuinness is responsible for some terrible things carried out in the name of the IRA. Whether he himself was an active participant, an instigator or just the public face and apologist is irrelevant.
    2. He appears to have been one of the influential members of the republican movement arguing for and finally achieving an end to the armed struggle, whatever his motivations.

    Some contributors think part 2 is the part he should be ashamed of, including it now appears, an ex-member of the FRU!! I don’t get it. I hope the RIRA are utterly destroyed. They have nothing to offer the Irish people but more of the cult of wasted life.

  • Ingram


    Quote”Some contributors think part 2 is the part he should be ashamed of, including it now appears, an ex-member of the FRU!!


    Firstly , I believe in the rule of law and believe Agents and Handlers who break the ultimate law ( Murder) should be brought to account in front of the courts. I have argued this in respect to soldiers, Policemen, and members of the IRA and of course Agents.

    Secondly. I honestly believe the cause of Irish Nationalism has been damaged to the point were me and you will not see a United Ireland in our time. McGuinness and others have worked to an Agenda to destroy that cause.

    My biggest regret and sense of shame is retained for HMG who have played a long game and a lot of people have lost their lives for what?

    A state that arms Loyalism, supplies Intelligence to its gunmen and uses them as an extension to the British army in the killing of its own people. That said when you use Agents in the IRA and INLA to kill its own soldiers and policemen citizens and then uses the same Agents to kill internally and add the odd bombing robbery you get the message that the only re-occurring factor here is the British Government and its Agents. Society cannot say it did not know this was happening because they did maybe not in the the detail that thy know today but they certainly knew the broad outline.That is a reflection upon all of us for letting them get away with it or turning the other cheek.

    In conclusion Briso, my main focus is upon the British Government and its tactics, the upcoming tribunal will be an ideal forum for these tactics to be debated.

    I believe we have experianced 35 years of Anarchy not rule of law. I hope you and others share my concerns and help to illuminate the past so that we can learn from those mistakes and make sure our kids do not experiance this depravity.

    Martin Ingram

  • P113
  • Dave

    Out of all that has been said on this matter, I come to the conclusion that republicans are trying to rearm their terrorist group to bring death to the innocent. I am sure that many people will help them by dropping a few coins in the (tin behind the bar) they of course are just as guilty as the person who pulls the trigger.

    it is time to let go, these people (republicans/loyalists terror groups) do not represent the people of Northern Ireland.

    There is no “Republican Army” there is no “loyalists Army” just thugs with guns.

    If your purpose in life is to give credit to these groups of thugs and promote what they do, then maybe it is time for you to take a good look in a mirror?

    It is over, get used to that fact. peace will be made a reality by the peacemaker not the gun man.

    It is time for all to participate and enjoy both traditions, what part you will play is entirely up to you (no point in putting the blame on someone else) Don’t be voicing the thoughts of others or that of sectarians instead think for yourself.

    Remember this, when you hear the wail of the ambulance siren everyone pulls to the side to let it through, no-one stands in the way to obstruct. Neither should you.

  • Maria

    Does someone know the E-mail to Martin McGuinness?
    Pls let us know.

  • give peace a chance?

  • big nockle

    i no martins email ady?its fishermanj118@hotmail.com