Two arrested for Loughinisland…

A man and a woman are being questioned in Antrim PSNI station about the murder of six people in the Heights Bar in Loughinisland, including 87 year old Barney Green, the oldest record victim of the Troubles. It may well be related to information uncovered in the investigation of the murder of Raymond McCord Junior.

  • Overhere

    Life does sometimes throw up some strange things. Being the World Cup and originally coming from the townland next to Loughinisland. My mind needless to say went back to that fateful night when many friends and relatives were murdered.

    I was then living in England and had just come home from watching the match on TV to hear from my brother on the phone the awful news, It was only by pure luck that my Mom and Dad and other family members were not in the pub as it was our local.

    So last Sunday night I was just thinking if we would ever find the people who had come into this quiet little village in the middle of nowhere and murdered these innocent people. Maybe a final chapter is finally being written

    It is strange thinking about Barney Green with his cap and pipe and Dan McCreanor who used to drive him to the pub. They both lived up the lane close to my Grandparents and were second cousins of my moms. They would toot the horn or call in on the way to the pub.

    Well God rest them all and God help the rest of us.

  • Dec

    Latest Unionist reaction to this latest story regarding loyalist Special Branch agents.

  • Mick Fealty

    If we were to be scrupulously fair that picture applies to a good deal more than Unionist opinion.

  • Dec

    Fair enough Mick. I forgot to mention the Brits as well.

  • gareth mccord

    mount vernon vermin strike again! a man and woman no names yet. i wonder whos talking?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Wouldn’t it be funny if a fish could sing like a canary?

  • gareth mccord

    sounds like it is gonzo

  • joeCanuck
  • Belfast Gonzo


    Despite what I wrote earlier, I was – according to a couple of people who checked this evening – probably wrong about Haddock.

    It sounds like an amazing coincidence, but I suppose it’s possible the police may be playing games too.

    Back to square one.


  • Dec :

    Not that im being a pedant or anything….. but those aint monkeys…. these is apes… least you got the number right.

  • Who

    That same night a group of gunmen tried to kill Catholics watching the match not far from Loughinisland.

  • elfinto

    Hugh Smyth of the PUP was Lord Mayor of Belfast at the time. Elected by the UUP AND the DUP.

    But of course the DUP don’t support terrorism!!

  • Yokel

    Elfinto…as much as you are right in yer point, i believe that Hughie was pretty popular all round in the chamber and many on boths sides sought to try to get him in again.

  • elfinto

    Hughie’s mates had a few rounds in the chamber on the night in question.

    The relevant point is that the DUP elected a UVF linked politician Lord Mayor of Belfast while the UVF was going round shooting people.