McGuinness: a million per cent certain…

Martin McGuinness, on the heels of Brian Rowan’s report in the Belfast Telegraph has categorically denied being a spy, and has even accused certain elements within the DUP of promoting the idea. Though it has come to Slugger’s notice that private speculation is not confined entirely to that quarter. Gregory Campbell’s only comment was that he didn’t know, and that no one would likely ever know for certain.


  • But fear not, even while I sleep, Securocrats watch.

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    Ok, I’ll be more clear…Rove aspires to be Stewie.

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    ok that first link made me throw up a little in my mouth. i hope mick will take that down as it is REALLY offensive.

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  • Seán

    FAO Karl,

    Would it be possible to get some sense out of you? It seems to me that the majority of unionists believe that Ian Paisleys piss tastes like Red Bull and I’m sure that a lot of the people here would agree.


  • heck


    I know this is late and the thread has moved on to the topic of some future SF leadership but I hope you read this. I hope this answers your 6.57 post.

    What exactly is my problem? I will tell you what it? The unionists on this site and their amen chorus in the right wing media seem only too willing to accept the truth of this leak. Part of that is the allegation that, as part of an official policy, an agent of the British government planned to kidnap another government employee, strap him to a car bomb, and use him to murder other employees of the British government. (Now I think the British government is capable of horrible war crimes-look at Iraq-but even I have a problem accepting that they are capable of this.) I am “pissed off” at unionists because they accept this and then refuse to talk to fenians because of “criminality”, they lecture about “law and order” and get really agitated because someone from South Armagh buys their cigarettes in Dundalk. And while they accept that the government will commit such an act they claim they don’t want criminals in government!!! Why don’t you be honest and say you just don’t want a fenian about the place.

    Do I do accept that the Brits have been successful at infiltrating the republican movement (except in South Armagh!). Of course-the evidence is undeniable. In fact I posted on this site that I believed the change in republican strategy was based, not on a shift in principle, but because the leadership of Adams and McGuiness recognized the level of infiltration.

    Do I believe these allegations –no—but there is some doubt. However if they are true then they say more about the British Government that about the republican movement. If unionists are “probably more aware of its (Albion’s) capacity for perfidy than I know” and believe it capable of this then why the hell do they want to be British?

  • GerryM

    I don’t believe that MM was a tout and his assurances that no evidence would come out have confirmed my belief. He is also not a member of the Army Council, he has assured us of that as well. There is one flaw in the latter assurance and that is that the securocrats still haven’t come up with correct members despite seemingly having more SFIRA personnel on the government payroll than the Civil Service of Northern Ireland.

    The problem is, and Ingram will no doubt be aware of this, the only response to such an allegation is denial, unless you are foolish enough to come clean, like Denis Donaldson. Denial then brings debate with some on the side of Ingram and some on MM’s. Whether he was, or he wasn’t a tout, the Army Council certainly has touts on board. Maybe they’re all touts but not aware that the others are. Who knows? We have peace now let’s build on that.

    One thing for sure Paisley is going to look pretty stupid if he won’t form a government with a bunch of Brit informers.

  • Nevin


    The Sinner leadership has been all over the place during the past year and a half. Have they lost input from the likes of Martin Mansergh and the Redemptorist colleagues of Alec Reid? The performances of Mitch and ‘don’t take me literally’ Comical Marty on RTE were hilarious.

    Then there are the Da’s army parades courtesy of the Parades Commission. Gerry Adams was seen at the duck-waddling display in Strabane in February 2005 but seems to have now decided to give them a miss. Philip McGuigan is an enthusiast but Comical Marty had to bail him out in Dunloy last July.

  • Nevin

    GerryM, we have paramilitary fascism and mafiaism – sanitised with some peace lingo. It appears that some accountants, lawyers, businessmen and politicians may also be feeding at the same trough.

  • Nevin

    Comical Marty points the finger at the DUP.

  • GerryM

    Nevin, I’m not sure what your response is about. But if it is that the paramilitarys from all sides are gangsters and not idealists, well you may be right. That politicians, accountants, lawyers and business men put their trotters and snouts into the same trough is no surprise. As for blaming the DUP, that doesn’t make sense either. Paisley won’t sit down with SFIRA and form a government because he claims they are still involved in criminal and terrorist activities, it has to be presumed that he would not regard a man who was a tout for the government as a terrorist, rather as a loyalist who helped defeat the IRA. Why then would he expose him?

  • FreeDerry

    As a Republican teenager, i think that the people of Northern Ireland should turn to a more pragmatic way of thinking. To complete a turnabout it is obvious that the DUP should move away from their idealism, especially concerning the “no fenians in govt.” stance. Face the facts unionists, stop hiding behind you agenda of not dealing with terrorists when the republican movement has blatently turned to politics.

  • Glen Taisie

    From November 1985 onwards Dublin would always have a say in the affairs of Northern Ireland.

    Moreover, in secret, in the shadows, the Thatcher Cabinet maintained a back channel between the intelligence services and what it viewed as the more pragmatic Irish republican leaders such as Sinn Fein’s chief negotiator Martin McGuinness. This “Derry link” would later prove fruitful in the build up to the IRA cease-fire of 1994.

  • yousycophanticsop

    “Mr McGuinness said after a meeting of his Assembly group: “I am a thousand, I am a million percent confident no one will ever produce anything against me.”

    what’s the point?

  • yousycophanticsop

    what does this say Bobby?

  • ingrammartin


    Just to correct a few points if I may.

    The issue about me lying to Liam Clarke first.

    In a private conversation between me and Liam Clarke who was ALREADY working upon the Martin McGuinness story I DID lie to him BUT that happens day in day out between TWO JOURNALISTS TRYING TO PUT ONE OFF A STORY and to preserve the interests of the Sources.

    The following week that the World broke the J118 story broke about McGuinness the SUNDAY TIMES carried a story sourced from a senior security figure that McGuinness was an AGENT codenamed the fisherman working for MI5. I do not believe that angle but WE BOTH BELIEVE HE IS AN AGENT OF THE STATE.I repeat the Sunday Times named McGuinness as an Agent FACT .

    Summary.( Smile)

    Over this last six years I got it right about Seagate and the Stevens fire ( Lord Stevens confirmed that to the press)

    I got it right about collusion. I wrote a piece in the Irish news dated Monday 11 12 2000 well before Lord Stens reported that institutionalised collusion would be proven.(smile)

    I got it right about Notorantonio. Orde confirmed that to Charlotte Notorantonio.(smile)

    I got it right about Corrigan ( I told the BIRW about that in 1999)

    I got it right about Stakeknife and the role of Freddie Scappaticci ( Not many real Republicans would argue on that one )(big smile)

    I stand by my claims about J118 and the BIRW have made a report about the involvement of Agents in the Human bomb strategy which was controlled by McGuinness.

    The facts are McGuinness is a protected species, the police have been prevented from prosecuting him ( Op Taurus) The Govt have declined to answer why they protect him and McGuinness has declined to remove that protection. WHY?? (smile)

    I predicted Sinn Fein would join policing, I stand by the second part of my claim that both Adams and McGuinness will retire from Sinn Fein within two years. Adams for the Irish president job and McGuinness will just take a back seat and fade into the night, after all Job is done IRA decommissioned and British rule cemented by the GFA.

    Have a nice day .

    Martin. Slack Jack.