Peaceful parade and protest

The ABOD Ligoneil Walker Club parade on the Crumlin Road passed off peacefully. However nationalist protesters breached the Parades Commission determination again. Their protest was restricted to Estoril Park because of republican violence in June and July last year but they protested outside the shops. The PSNI did not enforce this PC ruling, a habit when it comes to nationalist protests (scroll down).

Ardoyne nationalists also fail to comply with the parades legislation when organising their own events. The last 5 republican parades in the area have submitted late notifications.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Fair Deal, this is a ‘habit’ not exactly exclusive to nationalist protests. Parades Commission breaches committed by Loyal Orders are, unfortunately, an all too familiar occurence.

    Let’s remind ourselves that the PSNI provoked a riot in July 2004 in Ardoyne by ignoring the Parades Commission ruling and forcing loyalists- led by the UDA and UVF leaderships in north Belfast- through Ardoyne.

    I note your reference to republican parades ‘failing to comply’ due to the submissions being late. What is worth mentioning, Fair Deal, is that the Parades Commission undoubtedly looked past this quite simply because they knew the republican parades would not spark off conflict as they would not be following the loyalist tradition of deliberately marching through controversial areas.

  • David Michael

    Chris, while I agree with you, I do think it’s self-defeating to stage illegal protests. They give republican-bashers opportunity to point the finger.

    Anyone else think it’s rather cold today for July? 😉

  • fair_deal


    LMAO. Wrong. Still trying to peddle that old myth.

    In 2004, a Protestant resident took a successful legal challenge to the PC restrictions on Ballysillan residents returning home with the parade. Thus the police decision to put the residents up after the parade was perfectly legal and no breach of the PC determination. The legal precedent of this case is why the parades legislation was amended to give the PC powers over non-parade participants.

  • Shame about the UVF flags on display on the Crumlin Road today. Seen a few snappers around, should make the papers tomorrow.

  • GavBelfast

    On the other hand, Pink Panther, if such banners were there, the tone of your contribution suggests the flags’ presence may have made your day.


  • Tiny

    does it matter?

  • stan

    The parade in Ballymena today was awash with loyalist bands carrying paramilitary flags.

    One band even had a full bannerette dedicated to Noel Kinner, a UVF murderer who was convicted for killing a Catholic in Belfast.


    One band even had a full bannerette dedicated to Noel Kinner, a UVF murderer who was convicted for killing a Catholic in Belfast.

    There ought to be a law prohibiting public displays that honour people convicted of paramiltary offences.

    I’m sure we can all agree on that?

  • Fidel O’toole

    Walker was one of the original “socialists” who became dangerous to the Unionist party, so they recruited him and turned him. Just before James Connolly tried socialism in Belfast, and failed as well.

  • I have read the Parades Commission for this march and the determination dos not restrictthe protest to Estoril Park.
    See for your self

    “The protest shall take place on the Crumlin Road and Ardoyne Road, between the junction of Estoril Park and Ardoyne Road and No 7 Ardoyne Road.”

    This absolutly covers the area outside the shops

  • stan

    Why are the apprentice boys happy to commemorate uvf murderer Noel Kinner ?

    Kinner was a senior member of the uvf and was believed to have been responsible for the deaths of many Catholics.

  • fair_deal

    No it didn’t. The protest was clearly limited to around the Estoril Park junction not the entire length of the shops as the TV footage showed.

  • Benn

    Stan how much control do the Apprentice Boys have over the banners the bands carry? If they try to restrict them will they have any bands at all? I’m not justifying, just asking. Seems like they might have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In a number of recent parades the friction seems to come from the bands, and there’s some interesting work on the growing gulf between bandsmen and order members. Cheers, Benn

  • stan


    I presume the apprentice boys operate in the same way as the orange order, they invite and pay
    a band to lead them during a particular parade.

    Surely the lodge would be aware if the band had paramilitary connections, the band in question has taken part in orange order parades in Belfast before, including last years 12th, the tour of the north,the Whiterock parade and the parade commemorating uvf murderer Brian Robinson.

    There seems to be no gulf between this band and the orange order.

    Local residents would be well within their rights to object to paramilitary supporting parades which allow the glorification of uvf terrorists such as Noel Kinner or Brian Robinson.

    Last years Whiterock parade included bands and orange order lodges who displayed banners and flags commemorating uvf terrorists.

    Contentious parades are likely to remain contentious when uvf terrorists are so openly commemorated by the abod and orange order.

  • Benn

    True enough Stan, and the bit with the William King band in Derry last summer is instructive. No doubt the parades will remain contentious even if they march as mimes during a full eclipse with their hands shackled as it seems to be more about the fact of it than the nature of it. Or so it seems from much of what happens in the streets and much of the comment in here. Still, if they emulated the AOH maybe there’d be a bit less fury.

  • stan

    The question is

    Are the orange order and apprentice boys happy to commemorate uvf killers ?

  • DavidDWoyke

    I guess a peaceful protest is nice, but any publicity is good publicity, right? Guys?