Blair: people must focus on the future

LIke most of the political establishment, Tony Blair is not rushing to conclusions. But he does point to the intriguing element in all of this: the timing.

“The timing of this does suggest that whoever did this wants to derail the peace process. Our response should be to deny them what they want. Sometimes these things can be perpetrated by people in disagreement with their leadership. He added that if the IRA was responsible, it would have “serious implications”. Northern Ireland has changed enormously over the last decade, let`s not throw that away. We cannot stop people on either side engaging in acts of violence, but we can say any political party has to be clean of all this.

  • slug

    The narrative seems to be working in an interesting direction.

    For example Mitchell McLaughlin et al are on the radio explaining to the GB public in a somewhat defensive more that no they didn’t do it, and Sean O’Callahan saying “well they would say that, they said it about the Northern Bank, they said it about Garda McCabe, they said it about Robert McCartney”.