IRA man’s Kightsbridge “Pied à Terre”?

Well not necessarily. But the Observer has been through some of the siezed assets of Tom ‘Slab’ Murphy and discovered that the alleged mastermind behind the bombing of Harrods bought a small flat in the exclusive area just behind the UK’s top department store for £80,000 in 2002. At that price in that location, it mustn’t have been much bigger than a broom cupboard. In the same year the cheapest two bed flat in one small town in Dorset was £110,000!

  • elfinto

    The media (based on the usual security sources) has for years pinned the blame for the Harrods bomb on an ASU from Belfast, some of whose members were later imprisoned for other offences. Funny how they are now blaming Slab.

    As for the £80,000 flat surely McDonald means £800,000. As with the rest of the stuff we hear in the media regarding Slab Murphy I’m sure this is nothing more than conjecture and innuendo.

  • Dec

    Good to know that the ARA is leaking, presumably confidential,seized documents to the media. All thats missing from McDonalds puff-piece for McQuillan was the “This is as big as it gets!” headline.

  • lib2016

    “bigger than Watergate”?

  • nutjack

    i’m sure this is more than innuendo and conjecture and that sticking your head in the sand leaves your arse in the air for others to use as they see fit.

    get a grip man, conjecture & innuendo my arse LOL!

  • Mick Fealty


    There is plenty of readily falsifiable information here and very little opinion. Though you might say the choice to disclose not to disclose is entirely a matter political though entirely legitimate editorial choice.

    Time will tell whether it bares fruit or not. Though, it’s not only journalists who are put on their mettle so far as time is concerned.

  • To change the subject completely from specific named individuals, such as the famed gentleman farmer with the very valuable reputation – here’s a boring lecture for youse.

    If you want to launder money, one easy way to do so is: ‘buy’* something for much less than its normal market rate, then sell it on full price. Thus, the person who buys it (eg artwork, antiques, bijou flats etcetera, etcetera) from you gives you “clean” money.

    Tho’ a typo does seem still more plausible . . .

    *And by ‘buy’, one means: coerce, bribe, backmail, falsely trade and so forth. Find out who sold the flat and why . . .