“Old fuddy-duddies” versus Big Brother

The House of Lords has continued to fight against compulsory ID Cards but Home Secretary Charles Clarke persists.The Ulster-Scot in me is always wary of too much power in a central power’s hands and this enabling act reeks of a government using public fear for a power grab. The pressure for ID cards, more terror laws (that attack free speech) and government insisting the police be allowed to hold the DNA of innocent people including children should be grounds for serious concern.

The DUP and SDLP have been opposing the ID cards’ introduction. Despite their opposition, Sinn Fein’s voice and votes are absent from parliament on this issue (although Adams Ard fheis speech opened the possibility of that changing in the future). This leaves Slyvia Hermon the sole local parliamentary voice in their favour.

This action is also the latest example of how the House of Lords, since the reforms, has become a greater check on the government. A check that will remain for a while considering Blair’s nominations for new peers are still in trouble.