Willie Frazer was a boyhood GAA star

Interesting piece from Ciaran Barnes who interviews yesterday’s Dublin march, Willie Frazer. Daily Ireland’s reports points to the extent of broken cross community relations caused by a bloody cross community ‘war’: �I was captain of the Whitecross under-13 side. I played full forward and was quite good. I was one of the side�s top scorers,� but had severed links with the GAA after a series of murders in south Armagh around 1973-74.

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    Is there an editorial change of heart on the way? Will Mairtin finally acknowledge that the provo campaign was actually the worst possible thing that could ever have happened to the dream of a united Ireland?


    Also, the photo looked nothing like Wee Willie.

  • Brian Boru

    Irony of ironies.

  • andy

    Wasn’t Billy Wright a boyhood fan of GAA?

  • sexitoni

    Some of Ron Atkinson’s best friends are black…

  • bigjackf

    It is quite ironic Billy Wright played for the same team as did I

  • Tochais Siorai

    Maybe Willie would reconsider and his bands could lead the teams around the pitch at this years All-Ireland. They couldn’t be any worse than the Artane Boys Band and he’d get to march in Dublin.

    It’s a win-win.

  • andy


    what was he like?

  • Barney McGee

    Willie has suggested that the best way for Armagh to win Sam this year is to go the direct route and win Ulster first. However recently Paul Berry has indicated a preference for the
    “back door”!

  • bigjackf

    Andy . Willie was like the rest of us in the early 70s, 12 and 13 yr olds, politics wasnt a big part of our lives. Alot of bad things happened to his family. He has alot of legitimate stuff to bring up, but there is also alot he has to admit happened which he denies. The only thing that might help him if he finds “Jesus”,however i dont think he’ll find him on O’Connell Street. He wasnt a bad footballer for a “left footer”. Wright i dont remember