Snapshop: the current state of play…

Hearts and Minds is very instructive in terms of the current reality of politics. Note the demeanour of Sinn Fein’s John O’Dowd (who quotes 22 protestants killed by Loyalist paramilitaries since November 2003) and who’s line is ‘we are in a cul de sac’, and Jeffrey Donaldson, who reckons ‘we are on open road’.Both have strong cards: Donaldson with his shadow corporate assembly (otherwise known as the Manchester City Council model) and O’Dowd who reckons that their Plan B is to push for the part of the Agreement that leads to ‘Joint Authority’. Later Sammy Wilson keeps his nerve in his response to Brian Feeney’s (clearly frozen from his dander in a windy Stormont estate) eloquent broadside on Unionism.

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  • headmelter

    John O’Dowd performed quite well and made some very valid points I thought, while wee jeff looked flustered and was grasping at straws on occasion.