Love Ulster Marching In Tune With Bertie’s 1916 Brigade?

In an interesting piece, Jude Collins explores the reasons behind the two big marches set for the capital in the coming weeks. On the face of it, Willie Frazer should have little in common with Bertie Ahern. Not so, argues Collins, who identifies a unity of purpose in both initiatives.

  • anon

    I was in the city centre today at around 12;00 and after standing around for 5 mins i knew exactly what was going to unfold.

    Stupid idea for this march to be passed in the first place it was always gonna cause agro.

  • abucs

    Quote : “Willie argues that his march should be allowed to take place, since the South claims to be a democracy”

    Ah i see. So Big Ian can show his democratic credentials by inviting Bertie to move his parade up north to the streets of Ballymena ?

    It all makes sense now. I wonder if th

  • abucs

    I wonder if the big man will put on tea and biscuits ?

    Sorry, got caught with some 120 second law. Haven’t seen that on Slugger before.