McCartney: plenty of statements, little evidence

As Gonzo points out, yesterday marked two anniversaries: Bloody Sunday in 1972; and the murder of Robert McCartney. It seems that despite 151 witnesses statements, there is, according to the sisters, still no admissable evidence from any of the seventy odd people inside the bar. The reported threat from the killers would still appear to be in force. The family repeated its appeal for witnesses to come forward, including the British spy Denis Donaldson who they suggest “could have been involved in discussions about how Sinn Fein should handle the negative publicity caused by his brutal murder”.

Update: Anne Cadwallader reports Paula McCartney saying there were 15 suspects and just one person charged.But more particularly:

The family said the driver of a blue car was spotted revving its engine while the attack was carried out and may provide crucial clues. Paula McCartney said: “We know people still have information and haven’t come forward. “It’s now a year later and this family is just not getting any respite at all. We know getting justice isn’t going to get Robert back, but it will be a step forward in the healing process.”

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