Republicans and Loyalists living in the past?

Well after studying a couple of calendars for 2006, that’s what John McGurk reckons.

  • Bemused

    It never ceases to amaze me how that odious, grubby little dump “The Union Jack Shop” continues to trade with apparent impunity. Has anyone ever gone inside? The place peddles all sorts of L.V.F./R.H.C./U.V.F./U.D.A. etc. etc. tat. Surely the cops should be shutting it down under the Terrorism Act 2000 provisions?

  • The thought of people putting these things on their wall is just beyoond me!

  • Alan2

    Well they were raided recently but it was Trading Standards in conjunction with Rangers Football Club ,for selling dodgy replica shirts I think.

    I`m not so sure their content of the SF shop content is actually illegal. Although the new terrorism legislation going through might change that