Donaldson: serving two agendas at once…

Anthony McIntyre recalls Donaldson’s role as a political enforcer. Enforcing, that is, conformity to party leadership’s line on the peace process. He argues that this would have put Donaldson in a position to serve both his paymasters – Sinn Fein and the British – without any significant conflict of interest.

  • Considering that SF and the government have the same agenda, i.e. give as much to SF as they want and you can get away with, there was no problem!

  • Dualta

    Mackers statesin his article:

    [i]The Sinn Féin leadership, shaken less by the fact that it appears agent-penetrated and more by the revelations of how closely its own agenda and that of the British state overlap…[/i]

    I have often wondered just exactly what the British and Sinn Fein are up to.

    I strongly suspect that the current British political leadership have indeed learned from history and that they intend to disengage from Ireland.

    If that is the case then it would be wise to work in a coordinated fashion with SF and the IRA to ensure that this process would proceed with the least amount of grief for all.

    Adams in a recent interview in the Guardian made it clear (whilst sitting in a restaurant in the Houses of Parliament I may add) that he believes that the IRA’s campaign resulted in further division in Ireland.

    I am convinced that Northern Ireland, because of its precarious ethnic make-up, is inherently unstable and to consider an internal settlement to be a long term solution is merely to store up trouble for the future.

    I think Labour think so too.

  • Richard Dowling

    According to Anthony McIntyre, solid Republicans were
    AMBUSHED by this agent (viz. Denis Donaldson) of the British
    state. But, obviously, not as many (and not as literally) as the
    many many hundreds of innocent people AMBUSHED and
    murdered by agents of the PROVISIONAL IRA whose self
    serving ideology sought to cover their murderous sectarian
    campaign with meretricious appeals to glory and patriotism.
    What a bunch of gangsters.

  • elfinto

    Well spoken Dualta. The British taxpayer needs Norn Iron like he/she needs a hole in the head (no pun intended).

  • Mick
    Anthony McIntyre is right. I would decribe myself as a double agent. Working with the British and the Irish to achieve the same end, that of a United Ireland. There must be loads of us double agents. Its wonderful 🙂

  • seabhac siulach

    Richard Dowling:

    Saying what you do may make you feel all happy inside with that purer than pure morality of yours. But, what is the point of your post? What are you trying to say? Provos bad…all others good? Ranting on again about murder, ambushes, gangsters and so on is all very well but for what reason? You are merely engaged in crude and childish demonisation. Remember, ~25% of the 6 counties vote for Sinn Fein and more than 10% in the 26 counties. Are all of these people slobbering murderous beasts as I am sure you would claim? Hardly…

    By the way, it is very easy to be a ‘republican’ way down there safe and snug in heart of the 26 counties, as you(?) and your hero McDowell claim to be. After all, all the unpleasantness of revolution, the heavy lifting (‘murdering’), etc., was done sufficiently far back in the 1920s that you may now pretend that the Republic of Ireland sprang forth on a peaceful and free vote, seperating with barely a whimper from those kind-hearted English folk. But it is a falsehood. The 26 county republic springs from many a murder just as gruesome as any the provos are charged with.
    May I ask, finally, how many times you have even been North of the border? Or is it (as it would appear) that you get all of your great knowledge straight from the pages of that journalistic gem, the Irish Independent? Don’t believe everything you believe…please, for all our sakes here, i.e., those that actually take the time to read your vapid scribblings…

  • Richard Dowling

    Boys oh boys. here’s hoping Kevin Myers will be dealing with
    the Provos latest little piece of skulduggery in the run up to
    Christmas. And as an added bonus Mark Steyn will be writing
    in tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph. I know you ‘republican purists’
    wouldn’t be caught dead reading their latest ‘polemics’, so I’ll do
    my best to keep you posted. After all, that poor gombeen Denis
    Donaldson has been doing his best to keep true Republicanism
    on the straight and narrow for over twenty years.

    Life’s a bitch when you don’t know who your enemiies are,
    never mind your friends, seabhac. Slan.

  • Glen Taisie

    If Adams knew.

    He has decieved the rank and file he should go.

    If Adams didn’t know.

    He is an incompetent leader and should go.

  • “If Adams didn’t know.

    He is an incompetent leader”

    How do you work that out?

    How exactly was Adams supposed to know?


    because Martin Galvin told him 15years ago?

  • “because Martin Galvin told him 15years ago?”

    Told him what 15 years ago?

  • Richard Dowling

    Dead Man Talking …..
    was an article written by Stephen Scott in The Guardian
    Newspaper on 30th January 1999. It dealt with the brutal
    murder of Eamon Collins, who was sickened by his own part
    in the sectarian campaign of murder by the Provisional IRA.

    In his book KILLING RAGE, Eamon Collins exposed the black
    heart of the Provsional movement, to strip away any lingering
    myths of romanticism about these brutal killers, of which he
    was one. He even described one IRA psychpath who was so
    keen to claim his first kill that he set up a completely innocent
    man so he could have the satisfaction of murdering that poor
    unfortunate in front of his wife and children.

    Just go to Google and check it out.