crude but viable device at Belfast City Hall

What has been described as a ‘crude but viable’ explosive device was found at Belfast City Hall and dealt with by a controlled explosion. Further security alerts are taking place in other areas, including a controlled explosion in Derry, and part of the North West Institute has been evacuated.. no group has been identified as claiming responsibility in the reports.From the BBC’s brief report

Device is made safe at city hall

A controlled explosion has been carried out on a “crude but viable” device found at Belfast City Hall.
The building was evacuated because of the alert and an event being held there was interrupted.

The Army has also carried out a controlled explosion on an object at Boating Club Lane in Londonderry.

The police have cordoned off sections of Queen’s Quay and Strand Road and part of the North West Institute has been evacuated.

I get the feeling that there should be more attention paid to these events than there seems to be at present.