crude but viable device at Belfast City Hall

What has been described as a ‘crude but viable’ explosive device was found at Belfast City Hall and dealt with by a controlled explosion. Further security alerts are taking place in other areas, including a controlled explosion in Derry, and part of the North West Institute has been evacuated.. no group has been identified as claiming responsibility in the reports.From the BBC’s brief report

Device is made safe at city hall

A controlled explosion has been carried out on a “crude but viable” device found at Belfast City Hall.
The building was evacuated because of the alert and an event being held there was interrupted.

The Army has also carried out a controlled explosion on an object at Boating Club Lane in Londonderry.

The police have cordoned off sections of Queen’s Quay and Strand Road and part of the North West Institute has been evacuated.

I get the feeling that there should be more attention paid to these events than there seems to be at present.

  • SlugFest


    any new/additional info on this? anyone speaking up?

  • Pete Baker

    No updates that I’m aware of SlugFest.

    It was barely mentioned on the local TV news and didn’t even surface on the RTÉ news website

    Given the fact that this involved a bomb being planted at Belfast City Hall.. local democratically elected politicians etc.. I guess we’re not as far down the route to normalisation as some would like everyone to believe..

  • SlugFest


    Agreed. Most alarming to me (aside from the lack of coverage) though, is the fact that it was a ‘crude’ device. Now maybe i’m reading that wrong, but to me that means that whoever made it is new to the game … someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in bomb-making … meaning a whole new set of people with a grudge.

  • Crataegus


    Good point, it could be virtually anyone.

    I have had the pleasure of visiting a number of loyalist sink estates in and around Belfast recently and frankly some of the conditions are utterly appalling. I am more than a little concern at the apparent approach of the existing Secretary of State and equally what also could be seen as Republican triumphalism which reminds me of past Unionist positions. They have become mirror images of each other just substitute Britain for Ireland in the statements. We need a period of quiet incremental progress with minimal confrontation and humiliation. It is going to take time.

    To my mind there is a potential powder keg sitting in our midst and all someone needs to do is light the match.

  • fair_deal

    It was sent to the DPP office in City Hall. It’s thought it was co-ordinated with the hoaxes in Londonderry

    PS I had an interested chat with a senior peeler the other night he claims that if any weapons are now found and sent for forensic analysis for its history they no longer receive the ballistics history. It means if it is PIRA gear its kept under wraps.

  • BogExile

    ‘crude but viable device at Belfast City Hall.’

    Are they referring to Alex Maskey?