Lisburn City Council facing legal action on access to Cherry Room

The decision by Lisburn District Council to deny the use of the Cherry Room to same-sex [civil] marriage ceremonies, a motion proposed by Alliance Party Councillor Seamus Close, and initially passed by the Council, caused discord among councillors when the issue gathered media coverage. It has also prompted a protest at Wednesday’s council meeting by the Gay Rights Association and they may take the council to court to challenge the decision.


  • no-hope-here

    so much for Lisburn being a city for all.

    It seems that not only must you be a WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant, but gay wasps are unwelcome.

  • Alan

    “My objection is that there’s a lot of interchange of language used here,” – Seamus Close.

    So much for the Alliance Party! How to berate and abuse in one easy sentence. Perhaps they should follow the example of the SDLP, on race, and have some prejudice reduction training on homophobia. Or, of course, they could always shuffle off this mortal Close.

    Some poor soul will have to drag this one through the courts, yet again – perhaps some day we will all learn to live and let live.

  • fair_deal

    No hope

    “It seems that not only must you be a WASP(white anglo-saxon protestant, but gay wasps are unwelcome.”

    The proposer of the original motion is from a Catholic background