Bradley: time for dissidents to 'wrap up their tent'

Dennis Bradley, vice Chair of the Policing Board and a victim of a brutal beating in a bar in Derry last month, has called on dissident republicans still on a ‘war footing’, to pack it in and ‘go away’. He has said that he will continue to visit the Brandywell area of the city saying, “I have no intention of staying away from the Brandywell. If other people have a difficulty with that, come and tell me. But don`t get a 16-year-old to use a baseball bat to hit me or anyone else.”

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7 thoughts on “Bradley: time for dissidents to 'wrap up their tent'

  1. The recent loyalist violence demonstrated the utter futiliy and bankrupt ideology behind people who attack the very state forces they claim to be loyal to.
    Violent dissident republicanism can be summed up by one pathetic sixteen year old attempting to murder one of the most decent and honourable nationalist figures in Northern Ireland.

    It’s great to see that Mr Bradley has recovered from his ordeal.
    And it would be a fitting tribute to his endeavors if the dissidents took heed of his words.

  2. The best way to get the dissidents to ‘wrap up their tent’ is to get the institutions up and running in the six counties…delays on this are daily feeding the frustrations of those attracted to the dissident’s banner…
    The daily attacks on nationalists/catholics in Antrim are not helping.
    For this, the DUP and the others hampering the full restoration of power sharing might cause all of us to pay a heavy price.
    Failure to cement the foundations of the peace process now raises the prospect of a new generation turning to the armed struggle to further their political objectives. After all, a 16 year old would know little of what went on in the 30 years of the troubles, and might just be willing to revisit some of those darker days in the years ahead…having not had to have lived through them. The sectarian rift in society is still dangerously open and if the DUP attempts to frustrate power sharing the resulting mess will be their responsibility alone…

  3. A.S.S. – are you blind in one eye?? Denis Bradley was beaten up by dissiden repblicans buase he is on the Policing Board.
    Being independently minded in the ‘wee north’ means you will attract ‘the wrong sort of attention’ from boneheads on ‘both sides’ of he community.

  4. News comes to me (on fairly good authority) of a wizard wheeze being (allegedly) pulled by PSNI officers in parts of the north. ‘Parently shops/take-aways/offies etc have had ‘republican’ staff refuse to serve Peelers (presumably in uniform). This has led to PSNI officers suing aforementioned commercial outlets for denial of human rights or somesuch. Which has in turn led to suspicion among ‘republicans’ that wily peelers have been ‘targeting’ shops etc where they feel they may not be served in order to get damages/line pockets of solicitors/make a valid point/expose stupidity and pig-headedness etc etc etc…

    Not Could It Up Make You

  5. ….and fair play to them if they are P Ring 🙂

    I wouldn’t expect a SF councillor or anyone else for that matter to stand for that kind crap and if a few PSNI officers are taking these bigots through the courts on a personal basis, and getting a few bob for their time, I wish them all the best.

  6. Does anyone have information on the pay and grading system in place within the PSNI at each rank and the overtime arrangements in place ? What pension arrangements do they have in place too ?

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