Causeway Visitors Centre design unveiled announced

Secretary of State Peter Hain fulfilled his role today, of taking a bow for someone else’s decision, by unveiling the design for the new Causeway Visitor’s Centre at Parliament Buildings in Belfast, from the 200 entries I noted previously. The design selected is by Roisin Heneghan of Heneghan Peng Architects, which relocated to Dublin from NY in 2001. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have much of an online presence.. that I can find.

Heneghan Peng Architects have also won International competitions to design the Grand Museum of Egypt, in 2003, and Dublin`s Carlisle Pier in 2004.. although there seems to be some kind of a problem with the Carlisle Pier project.. which, going by their press statement, the NIO doesn’t seem to have realised that.

Unfortunately, again, and despite my previous prompting, it seems that for those of us for whom popping into parliament buildings is not convenient *ahem*… we’ll just have to wait until the thing is built to get a good look at it. Really, would it be too much to ask to put some representation of the proposed design online?

[btw what did the second and third placed entries win? – Ed]