Harry's gone – but where?

One journo expresses his grief (and paranoia?) for the loss of one of the British blogosphere’s star bloggers, Harry (formerly known as Hatchett) from Harry’s place. Whatever way you look at it, there’s some weird stuff going on here!

Update: Pete’s worked out what the real scoop is here. Harry’s been taken up into liberal heaven: the Guardian that is!

6 thoughts on “Harry's gone – but where?”

  1. Norman doesn’t mention that Harry’s departure from The Place coincided with his high-profile transfer to the pages of the Grauniad.

    [on tin foil hat]

    That said Harry had a fine line in put-downs for errant commenters.. Mick?.. Mick? 😉

  2. So one ex member of the old CPGB leaves the Guardian [DA] only to be replaced by another,[FN] how the English liberal middle classes love a repentant sinner who returns to the fold.


  3. If Harry has moved on to the Guardian, those of us who have had dealings with him in some of his various pre Harrys place incarnations might well be inclined to warn his new co workers that it probably wont be long before the ordure begins to be stirred in preperation for his next move to the Murdoch press or, perhaps even the Telegraph.

  4. It’s always fun to see bitter followers of a failed ideology whine when somebody grows up and makes something of themself.

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