That Tyrone goal in pictures!

I’m going to bed after this. Check this sequence of digital photos out. Peter Canavan’s swansong goal is captured perfectly imperfectly by one Michael McGonagle. Just keep moving on for the next four photos in the sequence. Don’t you just love Flickr!

  • Gonzo

    In the interests of parallel of esteem etc, I demand David Healey’s goal against England last month from 10 different angles, fullscreen, possibly with a screensaver/slideshow option.

    Who’s going to the Wales match? I’m still trying to blag a pass…

  • maca

    parallel of esteem?

  • Henry94

    Great to see it again. What a goal.

  • darthrumsfeld

    as someone said on the healy thread-“Don’t we do enough enough living i the past>? Move on”. Who was that poster again? Shurely not henry 94 being inconsistent and letting his prejuduces show? :0(

  • Mike

    Indeed, darth, after going on the David Healy thread I chanced on this one and wondered if Henry had made a similar comment…not quite eh…

  • Gum

    God sake lads! Its sport! Leave the politics out of it! Why do we need a pic of Healy for every pick of Canavan and vice versa? Both northern teams done well – can we all celebrate that?!

  • caulfield

    Both brilliant goals – both brilliant results. If you read Henry94s posts back to back you also get the opportunity to see some classic “joined-up” bigotry. Marvellous

  • Henry94

    Or if you noticed they were posted together you may have seen the joke.

  • foreign correspondent

    Did Tyrone win something?

  • bog warrior


    Won the All-Ireland 2 weeks ago, 2nd time in 3 years. Canavan’s a legend what a season for the Red Hands. Roll on 2006.

  • Cui bono?

    Ah such poetry in pictures.

    As the banner on Hill 16 read, ‘What’s a “Kingdom” without “God”?’

    We’ll miss him so.

    But as long as there’s Mugsy and Stevie O, Sam’ll have a home in Tyrone…