That David Healy goal

As requested by Gonzo, another contribution from Flickr. This is a series of two ‘wallpaper’ pics that you can download and save to you desktop, just in case there’s any chance you’ll forget Northern Ireland’s big night in Windsor Park. BTW, Gonzo’s on the blag for a ticket for the Welsh game. Can anyone help him? Poor boy doesn’t get out much these days! 😉

  • Henry94

    Don’t we do enough living in the past. Move on.

  • Mike

    Christ Almighty, Henry, it was our LAST MATCH! It took place a month ago! That’s still pretty current to me, especially as internaitonal footbvall goes…

  • Friendly Fire

    Great PIC!

  • beano

    For anyone looking wallpaper, there’s another here

  • foreign correspondent

    Did Northern Ireland win something?

  • TOT

    only the love of the faithful.


    The hype has lost all sense of reality! I’ve just stuck £20 on Wales to be winning at halftime & full time at the over inflated odds of 9/2! Healy’s goal has done all gamblers a favour… See you at the payout desk on Monday morning…


    foreign correspondent and henry 94,
    your snide remarks sadden me but are of no surprise. If you are not interested in the thread then don’t bother commenting on it!
    Let us fans who actually bother to go and support our wee country’s football side, bask in what will probably be short-lived glory.

    We’re Not Brazil, We’re NORN IRON!

  • Concerned Loyalist

    For the record I think we’ll draw the next 2 games, at home to the Welsh and away to Austria, which will leave us in 4th place, with only 3 defeats in 10 games (home and away to the Poles and away to England).

    That’s a tremendous effort for a country with a population of only 1.7 million!

  • TOT

    some truth in your comments i fear, particularly given the key defenders we are missing. Possibly a big anti-climax tomorrow but then again after losing for so long can you blame us.

    I suppose the hype is more about fun and joy, i mean we lost four-nil at old trafford and dont even mention the canada game, but lord in a boat it felt good to sing my heart out.

    if we win a few games great but the “hype” and fun has been building regardles….come on in the waters lovely.

  • Dec

    There’s a much more important affair in Limassol tomorrow for me to be the least bit interested in this ‘best of a bad bunch’ affair…

  • fair_deal

    I can understand someone having no interest but the begrudgery puzzles me. I have no interest in the RoI team but I don’t feel the need to make begrudging comments about them.

    Is insecurity the reason?

  • TOT

    disappointing Dec.

    i actually hope the ROI win, but there you go.

  • Young Fogey

    Mr. Smith has just taken over his Year 5 class after his predecessor retired on grounds of ill health. To get to know the class better, he goes around the class and asks the kids to tell him their names and what their fathers do for a living.

    “I’m John and my Dad’s a truck driver.”
    “I’m Mary and my Dad’s a dentist.”
    “I’m Imran and my Dad’s a waiter.”
    “I’m Brian and my Dad works as a nude pole dancer in a gay disco.”

    After that shocking revelation, Mr. Smith decides to rapidly change the subject… but at breaktime he decides to speak to Brian and see if this unusual family background is affecting his school life in any way.

    “Brian, does your Dad really work as a nude gay dancer?”
    “No, Sir… I didn’t want to admit in in front of the class, but he’s an England football international.”

  • Dec

    Insecurity? The Republic can still qualify for the World Cup whilst NI cannot so exactly why would I be insecure?

    Disappointing? Can’t see where I said I hoped NI would lose. The result of the match is entirely irrelevant to everyone except those who support both teams., a grouping which does not include myself. You boys are getting very touchy suddenly. Reality bites, eh.

  • Ringo

    As someone who used to support the NI team of Whiteside, Jennings & co as the Irish representatives on the world stage – but then was fairly blown away by the bile of the Windsor Park game, I have to say I’m developing a bit of a soft spot for this NI side (over the past month mainly, it has to be said). Pretty much the same way as I admired Mark Hughes’ Welsh team a couple of years back. And seeing as how the Welsh dream has gone a bit sour, I’ll be hoping NI win.

    As for the Republic – we’re goosed, and it isn’t Brian Kerr’s fault. We’ve a bunch of robot journeymen – shows how crap the premiership really is.

  • Gonzo

    Thanks Mick!

    PS: Got me a ticket, or rather, blagged me a media pass…!

  • Ringo

    thats the last time you’ll bother making a joke at your own expense, Henry. Splitting it over two threads is just way too subtle for a Friday morning!

  • fair_deal


    1. You were not the only one that question was aimed at but thank you for the prompt reply
    2. You did use the phraseology ‘bad bunch’, hardly a positive comment.
    3. The relevance of RoI’s possible qualification as justification to make begrudging comments about others?

  • slug

    Can we lose the hate, the bigotry, the begrudgery.

    Ringo: well done for rising above all that.

  • Donnie

    Norn Iron at least hold the world record for splitting hairs…

    For what it’s worth I hope NI win tomorrow but I see Dec’s point of view that in terms of outcome the Rep match is more important. However your own teams match is always more important!

  • Mick


    Full report, before you head to the pub?


    Hey lads, give Henry and Dec a break. I’m sure (as Henry claims elsewhere) it’s all tongue in cheek banter.

  • Gonzo


    I can only say that I’ve friends in low places.

  • IJP

    Wales’ll win 1-0 and everyone knows it.

    That’s always the way.

  • vinty

    There are now 2 threads running on this site relating to the n.i football team.

    Any chance of one on the republic of ireland

    We have 2 big games coming up you know.

  • Ziznivy

    The clue’s in the little subtitle below Slugger O’Toole.

  • vinty


    Thats inclusive

    Considering a considerable percentage of the football supporting public in ‘the little subtitle below slugger o’toole’ support the boys in green

  • vinty


    Thats inclusive

    Considering a considerable percentage of the football supporting public in ‘the little subtitle below slugger o’toole’ support the boys in green

  • slug

    “the boys in green”

    I think everyone can agree that we all support boys in green.

  • Cahal

    where did you get those odds, blue square are offering 7/2 for same.

  • Mick Fealty


    if it’s any compensation, I’ll be in Dublin for the Swiss match. If I can blag a ticket, I’ll get an eyewitness account out on Slugger.

  • fair_deal

    “if it’s any compensation, I’ll be in Dublin for the Swiss match. If I can blag a ticket, I’ll get an eyewitness account out on Slugger.”

    Mick has caved to republican MOPEry and going to the match has shown his true colours he is a dedicated republican. BIAS, BIAS I tell you 😉

  • frank

    fair deal

    Any thoughts on brother Mawhinneys comments.

    Civil and religious liberties through the barrel of a gun !

    Yet another example of the order showing their true ‘sectarian’ colours

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice one FD. I have other reasons to be in Dublin that day. All will be revealed towards the end of the month. Stay tuned!



    I got the odds in Eastwoods and just collected my £110 at lunchtime. PS As I’m on a roll I think the odds of 5/1 for Poland to beat England on Wednesday are well worth a nibble. Poland are top of the group and as England have already qualified the Poles are well worth a bet. In any case England are playing very poorly at present. £20 @ 5/1 will return £120.

    PS Mick,

    Seeing as I have a 100% record (albeit after just one prediction!) is there any chance of me becoming Sluggers resident gambling expert!

  • smcgiff

    5/1 would be brilliant odds, considering.

  • Mick


    Don’t know. How did you do in the elections?


    Not well Mick but in my defence elections are’nt a great betting medium. I thought the DUP would take South Belfast and I fancied Mitchell McLaughlin to win Foyle. Mind you these were only opinions. I didnt place a penny of cash on either. If Poland dont win I’ll take a backseat but if they do I’ll be building up a head of steam for the three-in-a-row!

  • Baluba

    Jeezuz that was a great goal!!!

    Jeezuz I’m sick of fuckin’ lookin’ at it now.