How will Sinn Fein react to DUP's demands?

Hearts and Minds tonight: the DUP today presented the Prime Minister with a thick dossier of confidence building measures for Unionists, we find out what objections Sinn Fein might have as they press their own case at Downing Street.

  • spirit-level

    The Northern Ireland secretary said, today, the British government was committed to devolving policing and justice in the province, but insisted that “everybody has to buy into that”, which meant co-operating with existing police structures.
    I hope this is raised tonight.
    Sinn Fein should take this on board, as its an issue about which you could say:
    “It’s not going to go away,you know”

  • iluvni

    I never really appreciated just how dreadful yer woman was until tonight. Absolutely dire.

  • Gonzo

    The Ed Moloney/ Mairtin O Muilleor (sp) interview was much more interesting.

    By a long way.

    NOTE TO MARY: Remember to get an audience in for the ‘Have I Got News For You’-style Christmas H&M special.

    Because it could work with an audience. Otherwise, it’s a bit cringeworthy.

    So much potential…!