Tories will oppose deal on OTRs

Conor Murphy is the first member of Sinn Fein to take part in a Conservative party conference almost 21 years after the IRA attempted to kill large numbers of the then Tory government Cabinet. Nevertheless, the Tories remain implacably opposed to any concessions towards the OTRs. David Liddington:

Shadow Secretary of State, David Liddington:

“First, on-the-runs. If the legislation you bring forward this autumn does not contain a proper judicial process that involves those returning to Northern Ireland appearing in court and being held accountable for their crimes in the normal way – we will oppose the legislation.

“Second, policing. We will not be party to any arrangement that effectively hands over the policing of republican or loyalist areas to those who have been active in paramilitary organisations.”

Although it seems likely that any deal concerning these two sensitive issues will likely have been concluded long before his party regain government power.

  • peteb


    Hmm.. technically, in spite of the claim by Sinn Féin – that “This will be the first occasion that Sinn Féin have appeared at the annual Tory conference.” – he’s not actually taking part in the Conservative Party Conference.

    It’s an event staged to coincide with the conference – which is why it’s described as a fringe event.

  • Mick

    Pedant! 😉

  • Alan

    Any chance of SF opening up the Ard Feis to interest groups in the same way as the other parties with provision for stalls, fringe etc?

  • Joe

    Did I just hear Mick playing the man? should have said “pedantic”

  • peteb

    I thought about red-carding him, Joe… but that would be pedantic 😉

  • D’Oracle

    Tories do great implacability.