Garda coming to a PSNI station near you

Officers of the Garda Síochána will be serving in Northern Ireland within weeks in non-operational posts and PSNI Officers will be serving in the Republic with an aim to bestow full police powers and operational roles on both next year. Considering both the Garda Síochána and PSNI are currently engaged in recruitment drives with the former recently having an advert in the Belfast Telegraph stating “serve your community and make a difference.” is it not time to address the Irish language requirement for the Garda Síochána? Is it not after all a mockery that you will presumably be able to serve in the Republic as a PSNI Officer on secondment without the Irish language requirement yet be unable to apply directly to the Garda Síochána?Corrected just for Tochais Síoraí – Slán go fóill.

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